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Darkel Säg snälla vem är han

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Jag tror att Han va en gubbe man skulle få uddrag av, och ett uppdrag skulle man flyga in i ett hus...

Efter 11Sep. så ville dom inte ha kvar det o skit i honom... han skulle vara i den stora tunneln på SSV...

det är vd jag hört... :)

PS. jag vet inte om nått utav det jag skrivit e sant för jag bara skriver det annat folk skrivit.. :P

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I Gta3 Strange Happenings 2 står det så här:

"NOTE: There is no DARKEL in the ANY version of GTA3!!! Just let him go....

This is one of the coolest ideas I have ever heard on the topic of DARKEL. He is, of course, the original GTA3 Rampage man, who would deal out insane missions for you to do. He was replaced by "Rampages", which should be called "Kill Frenzies" (GTA1 - GTA2 had Kill Frenzies, which were always started with an announcer's voice. I miss that so much.). Anyways, here's the idea from Alienfish:

"6 Mob-Bosses :

D onald Love >>> E

A suka Kasen >>> N

R ay Machowski >>> I = "ENINOI"

K enji Kasen >>> N

E l Burro >>> O

L uigi Goterelli >>> I

Eninoi is an EskimoStam in Antarctica / Maud ridge (

"Maudridge" was called after Queen Maud which had a husban called Cadar ; That should make "Maudridge" into Cedar Ridge [i think he meant Grove. - Insane] which is located in SSV [shoreside Vale - Insane] ........ GROOVY !!!!"

Neat-o. Again, thanks Alienfish! Also, thanks to Derrado/D-Ice for reporting the error in the district name.


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