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Wasteland Heroes - Arcane

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Uppdaterar denna otroligt aktiva sektion med att dela med mig av Wasteland Heroes senaste SA-stuntfilm. Editeraren kallar sig för Beat och fransmannen Daksad lär mest troligt vinna priset för årets stunt 2011 i och med hans fantastiska wallride i San Fierro. En egentligen obeprövad/okänd metod som i stort sett endast han bemästrar riktigt bra :) Hoppas det skall smaka!


We'd like to welcome Grescha, PtRvY, Plani and Sear with their first appearance in our crew.

As for the editing starting with the intro.. you don't want to hear a speech do you? Me niether. But I'd like to thank everyone who helped in this video especially PtRvY for the very hard work applying my idea for the intro, and Daffy for the massive render help.





Burn, Daffy, Daksad, grescha, MaCi, Plani,

PtRvY, Sear & Stevex.

Intro Scripting:


Intro Directing:



Download Links:

High Definition 1920x1080p Matroska (.mkv) x264 MP3 320kbps


Deposit Files





High Definition 1280x720p Matroska (.mkv) x264 MP3 320kbps

Coming Soon



Review Template:

Full review of Arcane, by Wasteland Heroes

made by <your name>

Intro: ?/10

Editing: ?/10

Stunts: ?/10

Music: ?/10

Grescha (0:29-0:39)

Sear (0:40-0:51)

Sear (0:51-1:02)

Burn (1:03-1:13)

Daksad (1:14-1:24)

PtRvY (1:25-1:36)

Stevex (1:36-1:47)

Burn (1:48-1:59)

MaCi (1:59-2:04)

Burn (2:04-2:10)

Sear (2:11-2:15)

Grescha (2:16-2:27)

Daffy (2:28-2:44)

Daksad (2:45-3:11)

Burn (3:12-3:22)

Sear (3:23-3:33)

Plani (3:34-3:45)

Grescha (3:45-3:55)

Burn (3:56-4:10)

Overall: ?/10

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