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Vem är hon?

Vem tror ni att den mysteriska kvinnan är och varför?  

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Just doing a little backtracking in GTA 3 history at the liberty tree and I

came upon this:

Asked why they thought she was now living in Liberty City, our sources said, "We raided her apartment last week in one of those funny towns down south with a Spanish name, Los Something or other, or San Somebody, and we found a ticket with a flight to Francis International Airport. It didn't take us long to realize this was the airport in Liberty City.

I guess this means that we shall learn more about Catalina's past in San Andreas and quite possibly Fido's real name.

Link: http://www.rockstargames.com/libertytree/story3.html

Vote: Catalina

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Öh? Död? San Andreas är ju före GTA III.

Haha, oj...många bollar i luften just nu, sorry! Slarvfel, då blir det väll editera...

Wiboo: OH SHIT!

Då är ju det rätt svar, så nu på efterhand ångrar jag mig...PM:a det till Hultan, be han sätta det som nyhet!


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