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UT 2003 mod


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Här kan ni läsa en intervju med teamet som arbetar med troopers......

lot of people dont know anything about your game! Tell us a bit!

Sure thing! Troopers: Rise of the Rebellion is a total conversion of Unreal Tournament 2003, based in the Star Wars universe. It's design is based around realism and team-oriented gameplay, and will focus on getting players 'into' the game mentally, to the point at which they are fully engrained in the game and play it with body, heart, and soul. It is based around the troops of the Star Wars universe--not the Jedi--so there won't be lightsabers or force powers to impede gameplay in the slightest. Rather, everything is Troopers is about universe accuracy, attention to detail, realism, and above all, gameplay. We are paying to attention to everything. Everything.

-So, what are the mainpoints of UT Troopers?

For the most part, you will take the position of an Imperial or Rebel trooper in the time period of the six movies (The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, Episode III, A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi), and play from the first-person perspective on maps that range in location from the forest moon of Endor to the Death Star and the mighty Kuat Drive Yards hovering in orbit over the planet Kuat. You will be able to wield weaponry straight from the movies, as well as some of our own designs, and will be able to man stationary gun emplacements to fend of attackers. Best of all, we are incorporating vehicle play based around UT2K3's Karma physics engine, so you'll be able to drive very realistic speeder bikes, troop transports, and the like.

-Can you explain them on the basis of one map?

Unfortunately, no. To do such a thing I would have to go into a little more detail about the maps than I can at this point in time... just rest assured that everything will be darned fun.

Which kind of people are you aiming at with UT Troopers?

Everyone. We're keeping gore levels at zero, so there won't be any problems with blood... we're sticking with the classic Star Wars burn-mark look. In a way, we'll be going for those who want more teamplay in their games, as supposed to straight kills and thrills, although we will be maintaining all the classic UT2K3 gameplay modes. On a whole, we're aiming for people who want the pure excitement and exhileration of playing deep inside a universe they have dreamed about since they were kids. We want to bring the dream of fighting in the Star Wars universe to life.

Does Epic support you with special editors etc. ?

We are working with the exact same tools that any other mod group can work with; we get no special treatment from Epic. We do, however, recieve a lot of excited e-mails from the Epic folk; CliffyB and Tim Sweeney themseleves have spoken very highly in regards to the awesome possibilities of Troopers.

What kinds of multipayergames will be included, e.g. DM or CTF?

Aside from the generic gameplay modes of UT2K3, modes like Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Bombing Run, Troopers will also incorporate several brand-new gameplay modes tailored specifically to the game. While I can't divulge many of the possibilities and definites we are speaking of in inner circles, I can give you the title of one of our deathmatch variants: Bounty Hunter. This game should be a blast to play, and with our bounty hunter models backing it up, it should be very immersive as well.

What are the mainpoints of the singleplayer?

Singleplayer is, at the moment, quite a touchy subject. While we originally wanted singleplayer as a part of the full breadth of the initial release, we soon realized that it would be best to hold off until Unreal 2 comes out; Unreal 2 will be a much better environment in which to script singleplayer sequences, where as UT2K3 is a fantastic base for multiplayer gameplay. At any rate, because of the fact that we are holding off on singleplayer for the moment, I probably won't be able to give you and definitive answers for questions regarding Troopers SP.

-Is there any structure like missions/campaigns?

Well, this I can say: the singleplayer mode of Troopers will not be a variant of the ladder-style SP of Q3, UT, and UT2K3; rather, Troopers SP will follow a storyline more akin to Unreal 2 or Jedi Knight II.

-Which weapons will be included?

Of course, all the weapons of multiplayer Troopers we hope to incorporate into singleplayer.

-Is it an interactive story or is it strict linear?

At this point in time, I simply cant answer this question. Ask again in the future, you might get a more definitive answer. =)

Compare UT Troopers with Jedi Knight 2. Which one is better or are they too different?

Ah, the ultimate question. To be perfectly honest, Troopers will be far too different from Jedi Knight II to be able to accurately compare them. When thinking along strictly graphical lines, Troopers will definitely take the cake, primarily because the Unreal Warfare engine is so much more robust than the Quake 3 engine. As far as gameplay goes, things will be too different to make an accurate comparison: where as Jedi Knight II focused much on lightsaber fights and force powers, Troopers will have neither, and will instead focus on balanced weaponry and smooth gameplay.

When will UT Troopers be released?

Probably our second-most-asked question (and thank God you havn't asked our most-asked question, or I'd have to kill you). The answer is simple, and probably not what you're looking for: when it's done. We do have a definite DESIRED release date in mind for the first build, but there's no way I'm revealing that... sorry. =)

Are you going to release a beta version first?

No, there will be no Troopers beta, and as such no beta testing signups for non-team players. We are beta-testing internally. We will, however, select one lucky player to join the team at a future date, who's job will be only beta testing and having fun with the engine. This player could be just about anybody, so watch the Troopers news page for more info soon.

Is there anything else you want to say to the people out there?

Have patience. We're not blind: we know you all want this mod; we know, because we probably want it done to perfection even more than you guys do. We have an awesome team assembled, are building things with only the highest standards in mind, and it's all sure to blow everyone away when they first get ahold of the mod. Troopers is going to be something special... but you're going to have to wait to get ahold of it. In the mean time, stop by our forums or our chat room on irc.enterthegame.com #ut2003troopers and say hello!

Thanks for this interview! We hope to see some more stuff and, of course, the game itself soon!

Always a pleasure... thank you for asking such great questions. Just stay tuned to the news page... we try to keep everybody informed--if in small incriments--on the progress of the mod. =)

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Om det finns nån här som gillar den här modden och skulle vilja vara en del av teamet som gör den kan nu faktiskt bli det.....det krävs dock en del mod kunskaper.....jaja ni som är interesserade kan surfa in här och kolla vilka platser dom tillsätter och vilka kunskaper man bör ha!...en sak till en beta version av spelet(Moden) med fem spelbara kartor kommer ut inom några veckor!!!

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