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[IV] Pull It One More Mile

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KillaMarci visar än en gång att det är mycket möjligt att stunta i IV (om än inte likadant som i VC och SA):

So after I totally miscalculated the time I'd need to edit this and the release date aswell, here it is. My GTA IV video. The stunts were done over a long period of time, infact, some of the stunts were even done a few weeks after GTA IV got released.

I planned to edit this video using a totally different song. I was planning to use the song "Endrone - I Admire", but it then got old (someone used it in a barrack bumping video) so I had to change the song quickly. I think this song is also quite nice, I love it actually. I think it fits the game and the whole video pretty well.

In terms of editing, I didn't really add a lot of effects to this video. I'm not that kind of person, I'm just not an "effect sprayer" :huh:. I'd rather like to edit my videos through camera angles, songs, flow, and general atmosphere. I think it turned out quite good. I like it atleast. Hope you do too.

With the intro I tried to show how nice the game can actually look when paying attention to detail. I downloaded a lot, yes alot of mods to make the game look a little better. Mods like ENB, RealzmIV and High Res textures helped me to make the game look a little better (still think it looks quite crap though, fucking buggy game) So thanks to all the developers who made theese modifications.

No performance enhancing mods were used to perform the stunts.


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