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san andreas


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City based on the theme of LA,USA

3. The city is to be called San Andreas.

4. City will be a huge island, rather than a city on a contient

5. City will have the feature of the ability to alter your surrondings by force, which will be repaired by a crew over a time.

6. City will have the feature of a making it as realistic as possible.

7. City will have no "over the top" features.

8. City will feature an army base, which will have an active population, entry is through a break in, or using a "man in the inside".

8a. The army base is to include the tank, under lock and key, which is can only be entered by breaking the lock or another means of entry.

8b. Serious weapons, such as grenades, sniper rifle, grenade launcher will be in army stores.

8c. The army base will host a load of army vechiles

8d. The army base will have soliders guarding the base, which the player would get caught will be put under arrest.

9. City will have animals, such as rats, cats and dogs.

10. City will have gangs, but not over the top gang cars, like in the previous gta games, gang cars will be different makes and sizes, and have a range of colours and they will be far less of them (depending on the gang or situation)

11. City will be fully open, with no locks to parts of the other city.

12. City will have a sewer system.

13. City will have the ability to do good things, taxi driver, bus driver, mail (wo)man,pizza guy,etc.

14. City will have the ability for the player to go inside buildings, to for example deliver pizza or hold up a bank.

15. City will have new vechiles, but some old vechiles may be present.

There is to much to list so if you want to know more fetures go to http://forums.gta3-sa.com

Hmm låter f*n bra ju!

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