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Invision Board 1.1 BETA 3 installerat!


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Ännu en lyckad och enkel uppgradering :blink:

Buggar som blivit fixade:


#29548: ACP: Template editing '\n' to '\n' fix (Code buttons fixed)

#29796: Attempting to merge a topic with itself removes topic fix

#29778: Poll question disappears when previewing post fix

#29408: undefined function bug fix in Stats.php / Who Posted?

#29244: Empty error when voting without making a choice

#29367: Missing protection for viewing non approved topics fix

#29232: Bugs in JS for message tracker fixed

#29846: PHP error when accessing board with banned email fix

#30176: Parsing smilie >;( bug fix

#30039: myAssistant Search bug fix

#29975: Grouped mods not showing on "Forum Leaders" page fix

#29102: Custom fields saving <BR> instread of \n fix

#30240: Single quotes in emoticons bug fix

#30476: Allowed Skins off, UserCP error bug fix

#30800: Mod CP: Sub Forums mixed up on listing fix

#xxxxx: Post deletion permission bug fix

#31401: Exporting content with newlines in macros bug fix

#31475: html_dir not showing in ACP -> Board Settings -> Basic Config fix

#30980: Missing 'min_search_word' key in ACP->Board Settings->CPU fix

#31199: No ability to search in sub forum as a group fix

#31755: ACP: Creating new group doesn't inherit forum perms (option) added

#31906: Editing a post that has a quote embedded in tags fix

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