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Lite nyheter från Celestin :

Now, back to the problem. Probably there is more than one issue, but replay is sure one. I prove it to myself.

On my hdd, there is 3 partition. I installed GTA on D:\games, and as i said .... baaad playing.

My cousin, has only two partition, and GTA was instaled on C: drive, C:\games

So, i took my cousin hdd, plug it into second controller on my motherboard, and his primary C:\ drive became D:\ on my pc

GTA3, don't even notice the change, and BIG SURPRISE on my system, GTA works wonderfull in 1024/768/16, and replay function ... guess ... is inactive.

disconnect, take his configuration file, overwrite mine, and nothing happened.

So, my guess, something is happened on install or first run. Probably instalation script analyze target system, and for smooth play build that texture files and configure the game.

Somehing very strange is here, and i'm sure Rockstar knows the problem.

Och här är svaret från Take2:


We're starting to look in that direction ourselves. It MAY be the issue, but as far as a fix from here, there's nothing WE (meaning Tech Support) can do to get it disabled, already checked for any files we could edit to turn it off, but we're looking into it to maybe find an alternate solution.


Greg Peeler

Lead Quality Assurance Analyst


9900 Franklin Square Drive, Suite A

Baltimore, MD 21236



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Concorde88 Posted on June 11 2002,13:37

Jag kanske är helt ute och cyklar men å andra sidan har jag inga som helst problem med att spelet hackar eller något annat tråkigt. Får man föreslå att ni inte trycker på F1, ni som inte vill ha repriserna?

reprisen spelas ju in även om man inte vill se den...

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Jaha, är det så det funkar? Det låter ju lite minneskrävande, inget snack om det. Jag har i alla fall inte stött på några problem, kör på en P4 1.7 512 DDram och 32 Mb (eller är det 64?) Gforce. Har till och med ett par nortonprogram på i bakgrunden ibland och det funkar alla tiders utan hack.

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