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Vice City Stories!


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Tänkte att ni kanske skulle vara lite intresserade av att besöka den här sidan

Vice City Stories kommer till PSP 2006.

edit: fast nu fungerar inte sidan helt plötsligt... kanske kommer upp igen... eller så ar det fake :lol:

Fake, Helt klart...Varför skulle dom byta namn? Varför skulle inte San Andreas komma till PSP först?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Taget från http://www.joystiq.com/entry/1234000627062768/

Early this morning we got an anonymous tip to a site at the domain ViceCityStories.com, with the above splash screen announcing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories; a sequel to the unreleased GTA: Liberty City Stories for the PSP. A little later the site went down, leading us to do some digging to find out who the site really belonged to.

The site turned out to be registered via anonymous proxy at domain name registration site GoDaddy.com. Although this doesn’t neccessarily rule out the possibility that Rockstar registered the domain, it doesn’t match up with the way Rockstar registered LibertyCityStories.com or any of their other sites.

On the surface it looks like a GTA-crazy fan went a little too far. Still, the idea that Rockstar might bring the Vice City and San Andreas titles to the PSP isn’t that far fetched. It’d be relatively easy to port the maps and models from the later games now that the codebase is running on the PSP via GTA: Liberty City Stories. The real question is; would PSP owners buy more than one GTA game for their PSP?

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