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How to break into the Car Impound.


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I wrote this my self for an english GTA Forum. You can veiw that topic here.

And here it is:

The Official Guide To Breaking Into The Car Impound.

Ever been busted in your favirote car and you want it back? Or do you just want to break into the impound because you think its fun?

OK, you may think that something like this would be easy to do, but, it's not! There are many things to consider:

  • The amount of noise you make
  • The weapon you use
  • Your distance you are away from cops
  • Shadows and possible hidding spots
  • Acknowledge the objects and any vehicles infront of you
  • Your target (the car you want to get back)
  • The alarm

For this to be done properly, you must also know the places to hide, run to and where the cops are. To do this, you need to spend alot of time studying and working out where every thing is in the area.

The Main (fun) Tutorial

Well firstly, you need a good weapon, and by 'good' I mean silent, eg; Silenced Pistol, Knife, etc.

Goto a car impound (next to a police station, I find that the easiest one is the San Fierro impound) and look for the police guards.

The first guard should be in his little guard box next to the entrence to the impound, you don't need to be sneaky to kill him, but just make sure there are no cops around and then take a quick headshot at him (headshots don't let him sound the alarm because they kill him in one go). If the alarm is sounded, you will get 3 stars (wanted level).

The next one should be in a another larger security box at the acctual enternce of the door to the impound, if he sees or hears you, he will kill you and sound the alarm. So it's best to sneak up behind him slowly while crouching (this lowers your sound level) and shot him sraight in the head.

Then you can enter the impound though the door (not the garage enterence), but stay crouching, if you have entered the Los Santos impound, then I feel very sorry for you! There isn't much to hide around in there and police are even driving in there, but back on track for those people that entered any other impound; the place will be swarming with cops (about 8 max), some are talking, some are lifting the bonet of their car to see whats wrong with their engine, others will be walking and sometimes; some are beating up prostitues in there.

Take your time and ALWAYS stay in cover when you aren't moving or shooting.

Take them down one-by-one steathfully without starting a war or anything.

Once you reach the end of the impound, you will find your car sitting there, drive it out to that garage door at the exit of the impound, then wait for it to open...... Then your done!

The Sneaky (easy) Tutorial

Drive up to the main gate in a police vehicle and the gate will open for you.

Then drive to the garage type door and it will open for you too

When you are inside, you wil get no wanted levels as long as you stay inside the car and don't drive by the cops

But as soon as you get out to get in your target vehicle; you will be surrounded by police and you will almost always get a wanted level when exiting.

This way is probebly more effective, but not as fun.

Some Other Tips

- If they are avalible to you, you can use your grove street homies to help you.

- Find out the nearest pay and spray BEFORE you attempt to break in, just in case you get some 'unwanted attention'.

- A cop won't hesitate to tell another cop that is near him, that he knows of your presence, so try not to attack to cops that are in big packs straight away.

- Kill all of the cops in the impound before leaving in your car.

Worst Case Senarios And Solutions

Having the alarm go off is the worst thing that can happen to you when your breaking in, so here are some solutions:

- Don't just linger in the impound because cops will chase you inside of there, just grap your car and leave!

- Drive to the nearest pay and spray.

- Have your homies follow you into the car for protection.

Thats all. I hope this helps some people. Feel free to post comments and questions here.

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Och vad har han då på en svensk sajt att göra om han inte kan skriva på svenska???

Men lilla bubben, han har lika mycket rätt som alla andra att vara här.

Stör du dig så mycket på att han skriver engelska, låt bli hans trådar. Och om du jättegärna vill veta vad han gör här, kolla i Allmänt-forumet. Finns en tråd där som han gjort.

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