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[FAKE] en teasersite till


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Sign-up for our frequent shooter program! We don't use sissy punch cards like those other grease-dives. Each time you eat a Snappy-Meal at Burger Shot, take your receipt to the Tatoo Parlor in Idlewood. For $5 bucks, you can get a Burger Shot logo added to your shoulder. Build up 5 logos on one shoulder, and get a FREE Snappy-Meal!

hahaha =P


In 1988, Jim Vance left the streets of Vice City after the death of his two brothers. Determined to start a new life on the West Coast, Jim moved to Los Santos and opened the first Burger Shot in Los Santos.

kanske släkting till Lance Vance (Dance >_<)?

Redigerad av Rockaway
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har inte R* sagt att den är fake?

Alot of e-mails have been coming in, telling us about this so called 'teaser site', www.BurgerShot.com. This site was not created by Rockstar. When I brought it to their attention, they stated:

As you suspected the Burger Shot site is not us.

So there you go. It's a well made fake, but it's not official.

Redigerad av Mobacko
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