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fler uppdrag !


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Uppdraget när manskjutsar phil till littlehavana efter han sprängt sönder sin egen arm är det sista "riktiga" uppdraget eller kan man klara typ båtuppdragen i hamnen för att tex telefonen ska ringa och man har chans att jobba för fler ?

Jag har klarat alla uppdragen vid pappersfabriken,taxiföretaget plus fler som jag inte kommer ihåg men jag har inte klarat båt uppdragen vid hamnen..

så kommer man att få fler uppdrag efter det där ? :blink:

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Här är "några" uppgrag till... Nu lär ni ha något att göra ett tag iaf :rolleyes:


Single Made Up Missions


These are some made up missions that will be fun if you are out of things to do. For more than these, go to GTAdomain.CJB.net.

--Hunt Down The Traitor

Objective- kill Pepa (Cuban gangster)

According to Umberto Robina, Pepa stole money from the gang and usually goes to party in Malibu. Go there at exact 7:00(night) and kill him, but do not harm any other people.

Pepa- blue jeans, white Cuban gang top

Thanks to LCPD


Objective- Kill 5 small groups of gangsters

These gangsters are losers!! They must stop hanging out near the InterGlobal Films studios! Kill 5 groups of them and make them scare! You must not bring any weapons; you must show respect and fight like a man! Fist vs. guns!

Thanks to LCPD

--Hunter Jacking

Use a cheat code and change Tommy into a different skin. (I use Sonny Forrelli.) You are now a good old-fashioned Mafia soldier, and you take your orders from big Tommy Vercetti. Your current mission is to take three bodyguards and infiltrate the Air Force Base, resulting in stealing the Hunter. Then, take it to the Vercetti Estate. Thanks to Sepiroth154.

--Psycho Killer

Put the Jason costume on, and head outside. Get into a Walton, and pick up a prostitute. (It doesn't matter which one) Take your woman out to Ocean Beach, and park in the middle of the sand. Get out of the car and start slicing her. When she runs, chase after her under the moonlit sky. It's really beautiful watching a hockey-masked killer chase a woman at night on the beach. Thanks to Sepiroth154.

--Vice City Sniper

Objectives: It has been brought to our attention that certain individuals being employed at The Malibu Club have been smuggling goods from the company. It is not known whom these individuals are but we are certain that one of the doormen, a few dancers and some security guards inside are involved. Kill all of them!!! All doormen! All Dancers! All Guards! You need to be stealthy, so take out the doormen with a sniper rifle from a nearby rooftop...then head inside and use Molotov cocktails to torch the place in a hurry. After you have done this make yourself scarce and DO NOT GET BUSTED!!! Thanks to KtuluVrock.


Objective: As all VCPR listeners are aware, Pastor Richards is a big time golf enthusiast but the local "Leafy Links Golf Club" has denied him a membership. Force them to rethink their decision!!! Kill as many golfers as possible and raise absolute hell!!! Thanks to KtuluVrock.

--Strike Zone

This is more of a mini-game than a mission. Get a PCJ 600 and take it downtown. Speed down the road leading north to Ammunation and bail before you hit the stair ramp. Try to get the PCJ 600 to sail over the ramp and right through the Ammunation entrance. Bonus if it blows up inside and kills the Ammunation guy. Thanks to MikeyGarcia.

--Rug Burn

Get in a fire truck and drive around hitting people off of motorcycles. Try to get 10 in 5 minutes. There's a catch, though. The people on the motorcycles MUST die. If they get up, it doesn't count. You can try to hit them off again, but they have to die by flying off their bike. Thanks to MikeyGarcia.


Point: Survive

What And How: Go to parking garage and grab a car you like. You should then kill a cop and gain three stars. The objective is to see how long you can last in that single car once it's on fire the game is over, see how long you survived if it's over 40 minutes you can call yourself Helicki prodogy. Thanks to Kronic.


Point: 2 day's steal 37 cars all must be delivered to the lot near 8-balls bomb shop.

What And How: You must steal the following car's and deliver it to our contact leave the door open when you get it and bring the next one if you see some previously cars you retrieved missing we have already stored it in the garage. Here is your list of car's we need. Thanks to Kronic.


Sentinel XS


















FBI Washington






Blista Compact

BF Injection











These must be done within two days (in the game of course)

--Car Crash King

This is more of a mini game than a made up mission. Just see how many cars you can destroy with your car. Thanks to Kronic.

--Get It While It's Hot

Objectives: A recent spree of thefts has occurred and we've lost some valuable merchandise. A man named "El Burro" is to blame for these unfortunate circumstances. Pose as a Pizza Boy. (You'll need a submachine gun for this mission) El Burro usually hangs around Hyman Memorial Stadium and often wears jeans and a red leather jacket. Find him and deliver his order...a shotgun round, right in the chest!!! Thanks to KtuluVrock.

--Kill The Killer

Objective: There have been a number of killings by El Burro. Kill him before he goes on another killing spree. He will be around any sports with a lot of people (Mall, Beach, ETC). He will be dressed in a brown leather jacket. Thanks to Pujols.

--Undercover Brother

OBJECTEVE: Go Kill 10 gang members in each gang

You lose if:

Get Busted

Get Wasted

Use Cheats

Thanks to Pujols.


Objective- collect money from shopkeeper

James works in the Ryton Aid near the Little Haiti only at 5:00pm or 6:00am, he works only for 2 hours. Don't kill the wrong guy. James' a tough man, so bring a shotgun or he won't get scared. Make him pay you $1000 and leave the shop. Bring a fast car; James' Uncle's a FBI, so James got cops as bodyguards. The bodyguards stay in a small house near the shop, it will only take 2 seconds to get to the shop if anything happens.

James-brown pants, brown top and wear glasses

Thanks to LCPD

--Get That O

Objective- pick up Jenna and kill her

Drive around in the streets of the Ocean View, and pick up Jenna. Do whatever you want to do with her and then kill her.

Jenna-Black bra, black shorts, short hair

Thanks to LCPD

--Raining Blood

We have had a recent situation with the French...It seems that our good friend, Colonel Juan Cortez, was maliciously attacked by these ingrates. We need to retaliate! The French own several pieces of property throughout the city. The mainly are located in Downtown, Vice Point and the Docks. Take the Hunter and kill everything that you see in these areas especially the pedestrians. Create a bloodbath to drive down the property value in these areas. With any luck, the French will lose their holds in the city and move out. Thanks to KtuluVrock.

--Tea Money Must Be Hidden

Objective- take money, put in car and blow it up

5 prisoners escaped last week and robbed 2 stores, they hid the money in Cafe Robina. My men saw Ken take it. He’s the one that makes tea. Go pay a visit as soon as possible, get the money then put the money in car. Visit 8-ball and Boom! Make sure you do not kill Ken.

Ken-brown pants, brown top and wear glasses.

Thanks to LCPD

--Get Those Boys

Objective- kill the 5 prisoners

Here are the locations of the men

1.Sam- He's going to be working in Ammunation in North Point Mall. This guy's armed (be careful)

2.Joey-He's the guy with cars; he loves to drive around in Downtown. His car is a blue sport car. We don't know what car he may drive, but we are very sure it will be blue. Find him.

3.Ron-biker, he's the watcher that stands all day outside of the biker shop next to Greasy Chopper.

4.George-hacker, he loves pizza. Maybe you can find him there? George- gray hair, blue suit or green suit and his shoulders are some how not even.

5. this guy's unknown

Thanks to LCPD.

--The Unknown

Objective- kill everyone that seem to be him

We don't really know who this guy is. He's a pimp and that's all we know. Now the two places for pimps are the Pole Position and Malibu. Just in case, go to both and kill all the males.

Thanks to LCPD.

--Clean Up After Yourself

Objective- clean up

Hey, you have to watch out man! The cops got a file of the things you did! Ok, go to Vice City Police Department in the right side island. Get in there; hold a gun and act like a fool. Get six stars! By then, the whole place will be messed up! I'm sure they won't notice they lost your file.

Thanks to LCPD.

--Donut cars

Objective-get the cars for me please

Get a normal police car and FBI cars (any kind, but I need 5 of them). Bring all these to the garage of Kaufman Cabs.

Thanks to LCPD.


Objective- steal the goody

I know I may sound nuts, but I need this to be done.

Governments of Vice City bought a nice Hunter from Russia.

It will be in the Air Base, steal it and fly! One more thing, I don't know if you are used to the controls of if but go ahead and press the R3 button. Then the radar will show the guys you need to kill before you can hand the hunter to us (go up to level 3). Drop the hunter on top of one of the big ships in the left side island (Vice Port). Please drop it during nighttime; it's easier for us to transfer it to China.

Thanks to LCPD


Objective- kill the agents

The Chinese thank for your great work, but the Yakuza are not. They wanted hunter, but paid very little, so that's why we gave it to the Chinese. The Japanese sent about 20 agents to Vice City, they going to blow the whole city up! My men went around to find them and here's where they are planting the bombs! Save Vice City!

Hyman Memorial Stadium (10 of them)

Escobar International Airport (5)

The ocean View Hotel (5)

Thanks to LCPD

--Hell Fire

Objective- collect weapon, steal a coach and burn it in front of shop

Here's a little mission for you, but you will need something to do this. Go to Tacopalypse in the left side island in Downtown. When you arrive there, you will see the item you need in the corner. Now all you need is a coach. Drive around and find it. When you see one, get on and pick up some passengers. Now head to "Screw This" tool shop in Little Havana. Park it in front and burn it!

Thanks to LCPD.

--Rich Man Got Holes In The Head

Objective- kill Jack in the Box

Without the mask, it's pretty hard to tell who he is. But! We know that he still wears the suit after work. Jack loves to go to other food courts, malls, strip clubs and walk around in town! Luckily, we got where and when he goes. Kill all the ones that look like him, so we don't see him on TV no more.

1. 2 pizza places- we are not sure which one he will go, but we know that he goes there everyday at 2:00pm

2. strip club- Pole Position, I'm sure you will see him there at 11:00pm.

3. North Point Mall- If you don't see him there, don't waste your time.

4. in the streets of Downtown or the beach.

Jack in the box-suit-Grey top and brown bottom?

Thanks to LCPD.

--Short On Cash

Tommy is short on cash and needs some money. You must go and rob every store in 2 game days. You fail if you use the Pay N Spray, get Wasted, or get Busted. Thanks to the_jugglin_juggalo.

--Haitian Troubles

Go and get the Little Haiti costume and a Haitian gang car. Now, go and drive-by 50 Haitians. Now, go to the Print Works and kill all Haitians in that area. You fail if you get Wasted or Busted. Thanks to the_jugglin_juggalo.

--Haitian Troubles #2

First, go and get the Little Haiti costume and then go get a Haitian gang car. Go and drive-by all of the Haitians in the Kaufman Cabs and Print Works area. Then, go blow up 5 Haitian gang cars. You fail if you get Wasted or Busted. Thanks to the_jugglin_juggalo.

--Last Zenith I

Mitch has taken more bullets from the Sharks then he'd care to sustain. A few buddies from 'Nam are going to try and scare them out of town. The only problem is, some FBI agents have intercepted a call and are now chasing Mitch everywhere. Mitch needs you to get to them. Currently they're at the air force base, but are being watched too closely to move, but "Big" Mitch told them to look for a soldier filled up with 9mm Uzi ammo.

Objectives: Pick up the 9mm Uzi ammo near the Greasy Chopper. Then, go to the Ammu-nation in North Point and buy at least 500 rounds of ammunition. Go around, killing Sharks until you have 3 stars. Then, get in an Angel or Freeway and use the wanted level cheat twice until you have 6 stars. Look for a Tank. Kill him with the Uzi, and get in the Tank, making sure you use the 9mm Uzi. Do the lower wanted level cheat, get out, and wait for another military vehicle to arrive, making sure to stay in one lane. If it's a Barracks OL, this is Ortega, who will assist you later. If it's a Tank, this is Lao, who will also assist you. When the vehicle passes, get in the Tank and drive it to Hyman. You'll get a phone call.

"Alright we're ready. Just tell us where." Thanks to Skystar Rose.

--Cubans Gone Mad

Objective: go and kill 3 groups of Haitians with hand-to-hand combat. Then, go and steal a Haitian gang car and bring it to Café Robina. Do this and mission complete. You fail if you get Wasted or Busted.

--Gang Warfare

All the gangs are declaring absolute "war" on each other. You are hired by Kent Paul to lead the Cubans to victory over the Haitians, hated over most. The meeting place happens to be Starfish Island, for a large arena. Just as you enter Starfish Island, you receive a phone call from Ken, saying that it was a set up, in order to kill Tommy and take over his business. They have sealed off the gates, and have secured the helicopter. Escape S.I., and head over to Ken's place, avoiding swarms of Haitian and Cuban psycho cars out to have your head.

Objectives: 1. Lead the Cuban car convoy to Starfish Island

2. (Upon reaching starfish island) help kill some Haitians.

3. (After a certain period of time) escape Starfish Island by "the fastest boat" by the mansion's docks.

4. Get to Ken's place, where you receive your money and plan for an assault.

Thanks to TerraX13.

--Sports Car Mania

Objective: Bring 1 of each of the following cars and bring them to one of your garages.







You fail if you get Busted or Wasted. Thanks to Vcfreak.

--Police Brutality

Objectives: Got to the Police Station near Club Malibu and kill every police man in there. After that, get a Coach or other very large vehicle and rig it with a bomb at 8-Balls. Take the car the Fort Baxter Air Base, try up to the gates and bail out. Once the Vehicle is inside blow it up. Then try and get to a Pay N' Spray and you win. You fail if you get Wasted or Busted. Thanks to the_jugglin_juggalo.

--Drop The Dead Body

Its 4:00AM and you get a phone call in your ocean view hotel. Jimmy "The Tulip" Tudeski, a good friend of yours has been arrested by the police, and has used his phone call to call you. You see the Cops have him down for Murder, However Jimmy knows they haven’t found the body yet, as he conveniently stashed the body in a golf cart located at leaf links golf course. However he knows it wont remains unfound for much longer. He wants you to get to Leaf links, find the golf cart, and dump it in the ocean at Washington Beach.


Its 4:00AM

You have 1 hour (Game time to find the body)

once you get the body (golf cart) up your wanted level to 3 stars. You now have to make it to Washington Beach using only the golf cart. Only thing is you cannot let the cops see you dumping the body, so you have to loose them using cop bribes only. You fail if you get Wasted or Busted. Thanks to The_Preacher.

--Renegade Taxi Driver

Objectives: Get the job outfit, a chainsaw, and a taxi. Turn on Taxi Missions and go around picking up people, after you pick them up take them to a remote place and kill them. Do this until you get 3 stars and then kill cops until the FBI comes, when they come go get sprayed. You must have your original Taxi at the Pay N Spray. Thanks to the_jugglin_juggalo.

--The Big Bambino

Someone in your gang is a rat!

Objectives: Someone’s been talking to the cops about your "operation", he's hanging out in the Malibu. But he is incognito, so be safe and kill everyone in the place with a baseball bat, even the bouncers and the bartender. Thanks to the_jugglin_juggalo.

--All Gone Wrong

Seems that all your assets are not answering your calls. You go to see what’s wrong and ken's bloody head is in your office of the Vercetti Estate. You see a note attached that says, "We are taken back this town -People". You ask around on the street and it seems there was a gang called the people group and they used to b the most feared people ever...GET REVENGE

Objective: You have no idea who they are so first drive from Vercetti estate to the biker bar. You learn there old headquarters used to b where the airport is today. Go to the airport and kill the first 10 people you see. *DO NOT GET THE COPS OFF OF YOU*. After you kill the 10th person he has a note that tells you that Mr. Black wants to see you. Get to the phone in the airport. Mr. Black tells you he wants a 1 on one fight. Go to the Kaufman cab company. You see it was a set up and it was really the Haitians. Kill 50 of them. **Still with the cops on you**. When you are done drive to the nearest pay and spray. YOU WIN!!! Thanks to Grand Theft Hobo.

--Last Zenith II

Your message has been sent. Unfortunately, the Sharks have caught Mitch. The Sharks know that eventually the bikers would come for them, so they set up a bomb near the Greasy Chopper. Everyone knows that the Sharks could not just walk in and plant it, so they sent a group of KGB's to do it for them - military vs. military. Unbeknownst to them, Mitch's boys are out of the service now. When they began to set the bomb up, they simultaneously died from a bullet between the eyes. It is then that you see a man dressed quite fashionably, holding a smoking M4. "Hey you! What's with the gun?” Tommy says, shoving the man against the wall. The man narrows his eyes, as if ashamed that you did not notice something. "Those were Reds on the Shark payroll. If I didn't get them, you'd be dead by now. You think you can talk to me like that! Think again!" "I don't need to listen to your ego, and I own this town! I listen to nobody!" "You look like a sissy." The man said, grabbing Tommy by his collar and raising him a good 3 feet. Tommy's henchmen broke through the door, Sub-machine guns blazing. The man merely dodged to the left, and shot each one in the head within a fraction of a second. He threw Tommy to the ground. "You own this town, Eh? Don't go about picking your business with those you can't handle!" "Oh!", said Vercetti, taking out a shotgun. "Eat this you little *****!" At point blank he fired at the man's head. He seemed to vanish, then reappear. The man shot once at the shotgun, knocking it to the ground. Tommy shivered. "What the hell are you!"

"I'm Ortega, the best marks man there ever was. With an attitude like that, you must be that Vercetti guy. Well then, let's see if you can back up your claims. Take my gun, and get 10 headshots. You can't be hit once. If you can do that, then you are worthy of taking down the Sharks with me. But for now, there's no way you can fathom my skill. We got to tell them Sharks we mean business! I want to see every Shark shudder in fear whenever they leave that Shack that they call a hideout. Scare them so bad, that they'll think twice before messing with us!"

Objectives: Start at the Greasy Chopper, and get 10 headshots with the M4 without getting hit. Then, get in a Gang Burrito, go to the Junkyard and kill 20 Haitians, again, without getting hit. After that you are allowed to loose health. Get a Voodoo and get it rigged. Make sure to get hijacked by a shark, and blow it up as he runs away. The Haitians will declare a gang war on the Sharks. Once finished, get another Gang Burrito, dress up in the Bank Job outfit, and start murdering Cubans. The Cubans will stall their war with the Haitians for now and start one with the Sharks. Get a bike and go back to the Greasy Chopper without losing any more health. Mission Complete. Thanks to Skystar Rose.

--Helping Out Ronnie

Your drug dealer "Ronnie Sunshine" has been doing great work since you set him up at the Malibu. Unfortunately he's been attracting unwanted attention, and you just found out that an undercover cop has been scoping the club. In order to keep the clubbers happy and ****ed up, you have to make sure that the cops don't take Ronnie or you down. First you have to get rid of the cop.

Objectives: Go to the Malibu and take out the undercover cop (dancing on stage with the Village People) using whatever means necessary, without killing any clubbers.

As more cops show up, kill them fast and make sure that they aren't injuring any other clubbers. See how long you can keep the club running with Ronnie doing deals, the clubbers staying happy, and you not getting busted or wasted. Got to take care of the business! Thanks to Thundercat420.

--Ace Carrington

Avery Carrington feels like a night on the town, escort him to the local Casino and partake in a bit of gambling. The stretch is waiting outside the construction yard (Cut scene includes mandatory abuse of Donald Love).

Objective: Once at the Casino, Avery, being a degenerate gambler gets a little rowdy after a few too many scotch and starts waving a Colt Python around. Civilians are frightened and mass hysteria ensues. A bus boy asks Mr. Carrington if he would put the weapon away and calmly leave. Tommy is not impressed, but knows if anything happens to Avery he will cop even more flak from the locals. Avery, with Scotch in hand takes aim and shoots the innocent busboy and alarms sound as the Casino manager calls for police backup. Tommy, while protecting Avery from '3 star' police fire and riot control (peds are still scared) must leave the Casino before Avery gets killed. However a cop hits Tommy with a Colt 45 and the situation is reversed with Avery attempting to protect Tommy while he is under the influence (think of the “Boom Shine Saigon” Mission. Now, Avery wants you to get the Stretch and make it back to the Vercetti Estate while evading police fire. Thanks to CapoDeluxe.

--Chase That Rat

Some guy has been doing some dirty drive-bys around here. He hit me one day and got me injured. Do you know how pissed I am? Go follow him for at least 30 minutes (in game play) and shoot him down when he bails.


-Grab a car and follow the guy on the map for at least 30 minutes in game play.

-When he bails out, gun him down.

After killing the guy, you receive an urgent message:

"Hey kid, turns out that ****er was an imposter...He's driving around the parking lot near the strip club hanging with some chicks...go and rap him around they face with a katana or something.

-Go find the real guy in the lot near the strip joint

-Kill him

-Take his car and dump it.

***Failure if:***

-You get out of the at any time during the chase of the imposter

-You fail to kill both guys

Thanks to StealthSnipa2236.

--Not A Lucky Number

Objectives- go wild until time's over

All right, grab your armor and weapons. Now GO to WAR!!

I got men robbing goodies on the left side island everywhere! You are one of my men, right? SO you must help! You go to Vice City Police Department, and try to talk to the front desk dummy. If they are busy eating donuts, kill them. Just to make them pay attention. Your real job is to go wild and become the front page of all the magazines!! Crazy Killer in town!

your time-12:00am to 4:00pm

If you need rest in between, go ahead, BUT make sure the cops still smell your tail!

Thanks to LCPD

--Still 13

Objective- Jack is not Jack, snipe her out of her car.

I am very sorry to the ones that lost their souls. We just found out that Jack is really a girl. She's leaving town!! And you must stop her! How she leaves Vice City? How you get to Vice City? You know where to look for her now, right?

Jack's car-red, four wheels, two doors, small and slow.

Jack-we still don't know her face.

Oh my. There's going to be a lot of bloody cars with headless drivers.

Thanks to LCPD.


Objective- collect weapons

Phil Cassidy just called me to tell you that he needs your help! It's pretty hard for him to drive around and buy weapons. You know what I mean. Go pay him a visit, he's lonely. In his garage, he has a car ready for you. Go get guns for him here:

1.Ammu-nation in Ocean Beach at 3:00pm

2.Ammu-nation in North Point mall at 5:00

3.Ammu-nation in Downtown at 7:00

He expected you to be back every soon.

Thanks to LCPD

--Dirty Dirt Bike

objective- steal the black dirt bike from the Haitians

Looks like it's going to rain today. The Haitians have a habit of going out to play in rainy days. They are going to go to Dirt Bike Track for a practice run. You go there, get on my bike (the dirt bike that sits there already) and follow the checkpoints and they will be there soon. Bring one of their dirt bikes to the gas station near the Washington Mall.

Thanks to LCPD

--Fishy Gas Tank

objective- collect drugs and give to me!

My men and your men are trying their best fight other gangs, we are good friends and you are always there to help me. I got a problem here. I was supposed to have a drug deal behind the police station, but Bob died. So you have to find those drugs for me. Once you find them, throw them into the sea. Throw into the sea near Colonel Cortez's party; it's easier for my men to look for them.

drug- They are contained into cans of gas bomb.

Thanks to LCPD

--Black and White

Objective- kill Mark

Mark was the boss of Malibu, but since you took over. He hates you a lot! He's planning something big to get you in trouble. Get him before he gets you. He's either getting suntan in the beach around 2:00 pm or at the Pole Position at 1:00 am.

Mark- Fat man, blue shorts.

Thanks to LCPD

--Hit Man

Objective-kill, kill, and kill some more

Here are the targets:

1.Tony- Red jacket, blue jeans (follow him for 15 minutes before you do anything)

2.Johnny-Black jacket, red top (follow him for 5 minutes before you kill him)

3.Mark's brother Fon- White top, blue jeans (You can find him in a coach bus)

Thanks to LCPD

--Miami Vice

First, jack an undercover cop's Cheetah. It has to be silver, though. Now, use a code and change Tommy's appearance to look like a well-dressed African American man. Now hire a bodyguard, and get into the Cheetah with you. Start driving fast, and start up the Vigilante missions. You're now pimping it up just like Miami Vice! You're Tubbs, and the bodyguard is Crockett! And the Cheetah looks similar to the car driven in the actual show!! The only problem is the bodyguard turns back into a normal civilian as soon as you start the mission. But you can still drive fast and prevent it from escaping! Thanks to Sepiroth154.

--Ladies' Man

Objective- pick up hookers

Fernando wants chicks for his show. It's his first time on TV, and he wants to look good. Go get a nice car, pick up girls and get to the building VCN near the Ammunation shop in Downtown. Get 6 girls, oh yeah baby

Thanks to LCPD

--Love Fist

Objective- get drug for them

Fernando's very happy with the girls you picked. Love Fist's in town and they want the stuff! Almost EVERY shop in Vice City sells drugs, you just have to ask them. Love Juices' are very expensive, so don't buy from them. Get a shotgun point at a shopkeeper and when he puts the money on the counter, shoot him! The stuff is hidden inside the stack of money. After you got every store's underground drug, then go to Recording Studio. When you get there, go upstairs and drop the stuff on the way.

Thanks to LCPD

--Tough Guy

Objective- destroy Bunch of Tools

That little kitty won't pay me protection. He will learn. Do me a favor, please Tommy. Remember the gas cans? Get them from the same location again. This time, they are real. Now get to Bunch of Tools, make sure you are going to the right one. Get a nice gun, blow the windows, throw the gas in there and leave that little kitty cry.

Thanks to LCPD

--Killing Fatties

Objective- get down to the lighthouse in Ocean Beach and shoot 10 fat guys in bathing suits in 2 minutes or less. Thanks to DarthTodd.

--Black Eye

Objective- snipe target at night

Someone has been watching your works, watching every step you are taking. He's no donut eater or big boy. HE'S A REPORTER!! He took a lot of pictures of you. Kill him and collect the photos.

Reporter- Holiday tomorrow; he will go to dance in Malibu.

When you get there, don't just walk right to the dance floor. Walk around the back and go upstairs. Snipe him!

Reporter-Purple suit (the one more closer to stage)

After all that, go to his apartment. His camera is hidden inside a chainsaw.

Apartment-In first island. Ocean Beach. An apartment near Pay N Spray. It may be hard to find, try your best.

Thanks to LCPD

--Nice Action


Steve Scott's having a problem making a movie. He needs actors that know how to fight! He tried Jackie Chan, but they couldn't understand each other.

This is the only way! Go mess with the boys (VC sharks or the dragon gangs) hit and run, so they follow you. Now run to the studio where Candy Suxxx did the porno movie with the angry gang chasing you. Get in there and turn around. Bam! Beat them up as the film is rolling! Actors and action for free! Thanks to LCPD

--Birthday Wish

Objective- kill the birthday man

It's Jones' birthday. But I cannot tell you any more detail between me and him. Some deal problem, you know. He told me that he wants a heli for birthday, so we will send him one! Jones' party-It held on top of a building "Pool Party". It is near Malibu Club, I'm sure you won't miss it with your heli. I haven't seen him for a whole 4 years, I'm not sure if he changed or not. Just kill everybody!

Thanks to LCPD

--Hunter Hunting

Objective- go down to the Fort Baxter Air Base in Little Havana and steal the Hunter without dieing and not using the cop uniform. Now, fly it back to the Vercetti Estate. Thanks to Theo90.

--This Will Teach Those Pigs

The police have had certain drug runners in Vice City under surveillance for around 2 weeks now. We want the police to stop. To do this we will need your help. First, go steal a police car. Then, take it to 8-Ball's Bomb Shop in Little Havana. Rig it with a bomb and drive to the multistory police station by the Malibu Club in Washington. Park it near one of the 2 squad cars and blow it up while watching from across the street to make sure one of the cars blew up. If it didn't, you fail the mission. Now, go steal yet another police car and mow down 25 cops outside of the North Point Mall. After that, go and steal another car that isn't a police vehicle. Get it sprayed and mission passed. If you get wasted or busted, mission failed. Good Luck. You will need it.

--Take Over

Objective- take over!

Yesterday I told 10 men to dress as Cubans and go rob the bank near the West Haven Community Healthcare Center. BUT! I just found out they were traitors! They are going to take the money home! And I don't like that! Tommy, go there and take over. Kill my men dressed as Cubans and go rob the bank yourself! My men should already unlock the lock; you just go up stairs and grab the money in the manager's room. Then, escape of course!

Thanks to LCPD

--My Own Way

Objective- destroy your file

I saw someone copied my idea of deleting your file. Well, I don't like to repeat things all the time. SO! We are going to do this differently!

Get in a good car, and go wild. Once the city's wild, they won't pay attention to little things. At 5:00pm, your file will be transfered to Liberty City by a SWAT Team truck. There are at least 5 of them, just to be sure, destroy all 5!

Thanks to LCPD

--Pizza Hot!

Objective- Get pizza car and kill Bobby

Bobby got my stuff, got Cubans' stuff and some of your stuff, if you know what I mean. Bobby orders Pizza everyday. Follow this: Go to North Point mall and get a costume from "Tooled Up" then go to Pizza shop in first island. Kill pizza guy then go around the back, grab the scooter and go. Have your favorite gun with you.

Bobby- Guard at Mailbu (left door watch at 7:00pm)

Make sure you tell him that you are sent by me before he dies, ok? Thanks

Thanks to LCPD

--Friday The 13th

Objective- go to the Malibu Club and get the Bank Job outfit and then go get a Machete. Now, kill 30 people. Then, go to the Vercetti Estate without getting Busted or Wasted and mission passed. Thanks to Darth Todd.

--Broken Knuckles

Objective- go and kill 25 cops with your fists but no brass knuckles. You fail if you get Wasted or Busted. You must do it in 10 minutes. Thanks to Theo90.

--Mobile Advertising

Objective: cruise around Vice City for 24 hours in a Coach, with the radio on full blast, and the tuner set to Wave 103. If you complete this mission, you are the true master of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Remember, you must remain at the wheel, and no mute buttons. Thanks to Succotashi.


Objective- rob jewel

My girls are having a very important event. They want to look good. Get some shinny chains of balls for me.

1. "Jewel's" in first island

2. "Jewel's" in second island

Oh by the way, since you are there already, take the money too.

Thanks to LCPD


Objective- help 8-ball

8-ball's dad just died, he can't take over his dad's business since no one thinks 8-ball can do a good job. Help him!! Go to his shop and armed with bomb, then blow cars up in these places to show everybody that 8-ball can do a good job!

1. Vice Point

2. Ocean View


park your bombed cars in the middle of the road and BOOM!

Thanks to LCPD

--Caddy Crisis

Objective- go and steal a Caddy from the golf course. Now, drive by 25 people and then get the Caddy resprayed after. Now get the Caddy back to the Vercetti Estate. You fail if you get Busted, Wasted, or get out of the Caddy. Thanks to Theo90.

--Wet Sofa

Objective-kill the golf folks

These losers beat me to it, I was playing golf on Sunday like always, you know? I missed my shot! I was pissed, so I swung my golf stick and hit one of the old men. THEY followed me all the way back to my house!! These guys escaped once they saw my men with shotguns!! You HELP ME! Kill them! ONLY THE MALES!

Number of Golf guys- 20!

Thanks to LCPD

--Malibu Mayhem

The cops have been busting our distributors all over the city. We need to show them who they are messing with.

Objectives: First shoot the cowgirl. That should give you one. Go up the stairs and start sniping the dancers and people dancing. That will give you 2 to 3 stars. Go downstairs grab you minigun and shoot the remaining people with it. That should be 4-5 stars. Go back up the stairs and grab your sniper rifle. Shoot the police that you see. When there are almost none left, go back down and grab your Colt Python and shoot every policeman you see. That should be 6 stars. If you don't get 6 stars, keep shooting upcoming cops. Then dash out of the Malibu and grab a vehicle. Dodge the police vehicles and tanks and get to the Pay N Spray without dieing. Thanks to Super Shadow.

--Weapons Delivery

Objective- get the arms cargo!

Phil Cassidy always gets me all the good guns I need, but he over slept yesterday and didn't pick up the trucks. Some thieves stole them and drove around the block!

Trucks- they have boxes of guns in the back of the truck

The thieves drive them around in Vice Port. There are 5 of them! Park them on the side of 8-ball's shop. My men will pick them up one by one. Do this at night only! You hear? Kill the losers too!

Thanks to LCPD

--Keep It In The Closet

Objective- kill all reporters


I'm very depressed, Tommy. My racer lost his race. WHAT A SHAME!! Reporters are outside ready to take pictures of losers and me!! I don't want a picture of me when I lost!! Tommy! Come! Quick, go to Hyman Memorial Stadium.

Kill all the reporters, please Tommy.

Reporters- The ones with cameras (20) of them

Thanks to LCPD

--Big Fat Cow

Objective- kill the racer

I know. I'm sorry that I always have you do the dirty works for me. But hey! We are friends!! Ok! This racer that I talked about yesterday. He belonged to a biker gang close to the one Mitch Baker owns. He got companies, you see? He blamed on me that he lost his stupid race. He'll learn not to mess with me! Kill him and his friends that are going to ambush me.

Racer- A guy on Angel bike, bold, skinny

His friends- two in Pole Position at 3:45 at night, one outside of the biker shop next to Greasy Chopper at 6:00pm.

Thanks to LCPD

--Hot Ring

Objective- get a good place for my new racer

Sorry if I sounded weird before. I don't know if you got what I was saying, but did you try gassy? You get the drug hidden in the gas can and then you go buy the powder hidden in the armor from the weapon shop. Lock yourself in the room and fill the room with it. It's Great! Anyway, I need your help again. My new racer's a good driver, but I want him to start the race with a good placement. So can you do the placement run for him? Go to Hyman Memorial Stadium when the event is up and drive for him, get 1st, 2nd or 3rd! Don’t really matters!

Thanks to LCPD

--Money Back

Objective- get money

Colonel Cortez came back to Vice City to visit his daughter and also came for a deal. Well. The deal didn't go so well. I know Umberto and you are pretty good friends too. But his boys were the one that took the money! They shared the money to every gang member, so you got to kill at least 50 Cubans near Cafe Robina to get back enough money from them.

Thanks to LCPD

--2 Wheels Party

Objective- do tricks with a pcj-600 in front of camera

Steve needs your help with part of the movie. He parked his stretch outside your mansion. He has his camera facing outside in his car. Now go find a PCJ-600, then get the stretch. Park the stretch on the side of the road and do tricks with your bike near it as the camera's recording everything you is doing.

Thanks to LCPD

--Searching For What?

Objective- bring box and key to me

Auntie Poulet has a gift for me, tea that can control minds!! She puts the tea in a box inside a voodoo car near her house, and drive it to Malibu. There are 5-6 dancers on stage. The key keeper's costume's a fire fighter. Kill him and get the key. Put your key on top of the box and park the voodoo car in the 2nd floor Car park of North Point Mall.

Thanks to LCPD

--My Hero

Objective- make Haitian go away

One of my places is bothered by Haitians. These suckers are drinking my coffee without paying. Get them for me! (3 groups of them). My coffee shop's name is Cafe Under The Tree in Little Haiti.

Thanks to LCPD

--Kill The Undead

Objective- blow Timmy up

Timmy's my middleman between my money and me.

He knows my plan, my numbers, and everything is in his computer! So I sent men to kill him in his sleep. Some how he lived and is staying in Shay Palms Hospital in the first Island. He's getting a better treatment and is going to be transfered to another hospital at 5:00pm. Get a police car, and arm it with bomb. Get to the hospital and park it in front of the main entrance of the hospital. Now leave that area on foot and blow it up at 5:15pm.

Thanks to LCPD

--Laser In Your Head

Objective- snipe these people

The undercover cops are everywhere, near your mansion; near my places. There are some outside my shop in Washington Mall. Get to the Car park on top of the Mall, and zoom to find them!

Undercover cops-Red jacket, blue jeans or black jacket (6 of them).

Thanks to LCPD


Objective- Show your power

I had enough with these donut eaters!! They have a file of you and me again! YES!! AGAIN!! Last month, you were the Crazy wild killer in town....

You will be even crazier!! Go to Vice City Police Department in the first island, and get 6 stars like before!! Then to show all of us that you are the chosen one, Destroy 3 tanks!! GO Tommy GO!!

Thanks to LCPD

--A Friendly Reminder

Tommy, It's me again. LCPD seems to value your handiwork, but of course, he can't offer you what I can now can he. First I need you to go to the Police station in Ocean Beach, I left a Police Uniform and nightstick for you to take, put it on and take one of the squad cars in the parking lot. Now that you look like a cop, go to the Jewelry Store near Well Stacked Pizzas in Vice Point. LCPD has a large investment in that jewelry store, so I need you to make his man behind the counter think he's busted. I suggest getting the point across on the end of a nightstick. Once you have disposed of him I need you to bust the rest of the employees, turn on your police radar and bust three waves of his men. When you have properly ousted his grip on the Vice Point Diamond district take the cruiser to my garage in Sunshine autos. I appreciate your help Tommy. I'll be contacting you again soon if you complete this mission.

Thanks to PenguinKnight

--Et Tu Tommy?

Tommy, I know LCPD has given you a good job as hit man but I can offer you more, how would you like to be informed on the perfect Garage ready for anything. Tommy, I'm talking to you.

Objective: LCPD has stolen my prized sports car! I want you to strike back and take his prized pcj! He usually keeps it on a building near the Unique Jumps Stunt Track the Sharks set up for their Friday night speed romps in Ocean beach...you know, near the Malibu. Once you find the bike, you must push it onto the street with a car, otherwise his alarm will go off and the sharks will think you want to try out their stunt track. Now get on that bike. Be careful, his men will know the Bike's gone in less than 10 seconds; they will be riding PCJ's as well. Shoot them off before they shoot you! Remember not to get off the bike or the autopilot will take it back to LCPD! Take it to the pay and spray in Little Haiti where my men will change the color and equip it with a tracking device so he'll never get it back! Now drive it to the hyman condos. Do this for me and I will be very grateful. I'll be calling back soon.

Thanks to PenguinKnight


Objective- Kill groups of gang members from every single gang

Tommy! Are you working against me for someone else? I hope you're not. I want you to prove me that you are still my friend! Go attack 1-3 groups of gang members from every gang. Show me that you are not messing with me! Show me that you have no connecting with them!!

Thanks to LCPD


It seems LCPD is getting a bit suspicious of you Tommy, it seems his little trip gave him some perspective. Thanks to him and you Tommy, my connections to the cartel has been severely wounded. I need you to repair these delicate relations. I must make peace with the Cubans especially, for they seem to personally know Gregorio Dominguez, who will be quite useful to me. First I need you to lure some Haitians into Little Havana, and kill 3 of them in front of a group of Cubans. This should prove you have a common enemy. To bring the point home I need you to steal a voodoo and drive it to Cafe Robina's get out and use a hammer to total the car. Make sure to knock out the hood, both doors, and pop all the tires with a gun, to demonstrate your hate for the Haitians but do NOT destroy it, drive it to my garage in sunshine autos. Now I need you to take a Cuban Hermes and take a page out of LCPD's book and go on a killing spree in Little Haiti, taking out Haitians until you have 3 stars, then take out cops until you have 5. Now outrun the cops to the pay and spray in Sunshine autos and park it in the same garage as the voodoo. I appreciate your help in regaining the title of err... Señor Super Cajones. Hah. Keep your phone on Tommy.

Thanks to PenguinKnight

--Show your faces

Objective- Kill the traitors in our gang

I knew it, Tommy! You are working for someone else. But as long as he doesn't ruin my plans, then it's ok if you work for him a bit. Anyway, time for business. Ever since Sonny died, you and me are the top bosses in Vice City. My men work for you, your men work for me. We are equal!! Yesterday, Mario called me. He told me that one of your men's planning something bad for our next deal. Teach your kids! Kill at least 30 of your men.

LCPD's men- Red hair, sunglasses

Tommy's men-Brown hair, sunglasses, blue top

(You can find my men and your men talking outside your Mansion)

Thanks to LCPD

--Pedestrian Panic

This mission needs to be done in the locations given for each objective. If you do not do them in the area given, you fail. If you get Wasted or Busted, you fail. Here are the objectives:

Kill 15 men and 15 women inside North Point Mall.

Blow up 10 regular cars in the Washington Mall parking lot.

--Dead Dodo

This mission involves blowing up a Dodo that has a banner flying behind it. You need to go steal either a Sea Sparrow or Hunter and go and blow it up with either machine guns or missiles. Then, you must go directly to the Pay N Spray and spray a car to get the police off of your tail. Now, go to the Film Studio and blow up the Sea Skimmer that is by the little dock behind the Film Studio. It will only appear if you have beaten the missions for the Film Studio. Now, go get your car sprayed again. If you get busted or wasted, you fail.


Series Of Made Up Missions


This section is for made up missions that have a series to them.


The Russian Mafia Missions

--Russian Mafia Mission #1: Cry Baby

(Telephone rings) Ah, Comrade Vercetti, what a pleasant surprise. My name is Pishkin. Many a day has passed since I last saw you. Liberty City wasn’t it? Anyways, let us skip the pleasantries and get down to business. The Russian Mafia has been interested in developing business in the Vice City Area. However, we had been unable to establish ourselves, due to local sentiments against communists. Now, our goal is to give the people something else to worry about. As you well know, the Washington Police Station has some tear gas around the back. Pick up a police uniform, and the tear gas. I would like you to release the gas in the Malibu Club, the Pole Position Club, the Vice Point Mall, and the Washington Mall. Our hope is that police brutality will become the cities main concern.


Collect the Tear Gas Canisters and the Police Uniform from the Washington Police Station.

Borrow a squad car, and release the gas in the following locations:

Malibu Club

Pole Position Club

Vice Point Mall

Washington Mall

If you are wasted, busted, or run out of canisters before reaching the last location, you fail the mission.

--Russian Mafia Mission #2: Cross Town Rivals

(Telephone rings) Comrade Vercetti, good news. Our drug operation has been set up, and we are currently producing at full capacity. However, we have been unable to distribute our goods on the mainland. The Haitians and Cubans are to blame. Their dealers have control of the market in their respective areas. Take out the enemy dealers, so my dealers can distribute our good. If you complete this mission, we will let you in to our base of operations


Travel to Little Haiti and kill 20 Haitians

Travel to Little Havana and kill 30 Cubans

If you are wasted or busted before reaching the quotas, you fail the mission

--Russian Mafia Mission #3: Betrayal

(Telephone Rings) I am Fedotenko, Pishkin’s second-in-command. Comrade Vercetti, Pishkin has told me much about you. He will be attending a funeral back in Mother Russia. For years, I have been Pishkin’s second-in-command. I have watched as he pitifully struggled to establish himself. I have wanted to eliminate him myself, but that would put me in bad standing with the homeland. With you here, I can now complete my plan. You have nothing to fear, as you have not yet reached the mafia hierarchy. Pishkin’s flight will be leaving in 3 hours. I do not have enough time to give you a description of Pishkin. Get to Escobar International and kill everyone there. With Pishkin out of the way, I will be in control, and I will see to it that you are handsomely rewarded.

Objectives: Get to Escobar International Airport. Once there, enter the terminal and kill 15 civilians before Pishkin’s flight leaves. If you are wasted or busted before reaching the quota, you fail the mission.

--Russian Mafia Mission #4: Grand Theft Aero

(Telephone Rings) Tommy, good to hear from you. The plan went off without a hitch. Pishkin is gone, and I am in command. Once we complete our next major objective, you will receive your reward. In preparation, we will need some flying vehicles. The vehicles should be delivered to Hyman Memorial Stadium, where my men will take care of them. The vehicles we need are a Maverick, a Police Maverick, a VCN Maverick, a Sparrow, a Sea Skimmer, and a Hunter. If possible, we would also like a Sea Sparrow.


Deliver the following vehicles to Hyman Memorial Stadium:


Police Maverick

VCN Maverick


Sea Skimmer



Deliver a Sea Sparrow to Hyman Memorial Stadium

If you are wasted or busted before reaching the quota, you fail the mission.

--Russian Mafia Mission #5: Havoc

(Telephone Rings) Tommy, it is time for us to strike. The VCPD are at their most vulnerable now. We need you to take a Hunter, and cause as much devastation to the VCPD as possible.


Destroy a minimum of 10 Police Squad Cars

Destroy a minimum of 25 SWAT Enforcers and FBI Ranchers

Destroy a minimum of 20 Barracks Ols

If you are wasted or busted before reaching the quota, you fail the mission

--Prologue to Russian Mafia Missions:

Comrade Tommy, it has been good working with you. Our operation is generating millions daily. The VCPD dare not interfere. However, I believe it is time to extinguish our contract. Goodbye Tommy. (Fedotenko pulls gun on Tommy, but Tommy is too quick. Tommy knocks the gun out of Fedotenko’s hand, pulls out his python and blows Fedotenko’s brains out.)

Thanks to Succotashi for the Russian Mafia Missions.


The Brotherhood Missions


The Brotherhood is an underground organization that prefers to remain in the dark. Information about their location, leader, and operations is scarce. However, it is known that those with information about the Brotherhood have disappeared without a trace. It also seems that those who wish to contact the Brotherhood have disappeared. In short, it would be wise to not even acknowledge their presence.

--Brotherhood Mission #1: Contact

(While out at the Pole Position Club, the private pole dancer hands Tommy a business card with a location and a time. Junkyard, 10:30. Tommy shows up at the Junkyard at 10:30 with the business card in his pocket, and a python in his hand. A masked stranger approaches)

You are Mr. Vercetti, I presume? I am #8. If you wish to learn more, take this envelope.

(Tommy accepts the envelope. Inside there is a letter)

Mr. Vercetti, it has come to our attention that you may be interested in our organization. In order for us to assure that you can be contacted further, you must complete 2 tasks. First, gain a full wanted level, steal 2 tanks, and deposit them both at the junkyard without visiting a Pay-And-Spray, or collecting police bribes. The second task is that you must acquire a Hunter from Fort Baxter without collecting a police uniform. This is to assure that you are both cunning and stealthy. If you accomplish these two tasks, we will contact you once again.


First, attain a full six star wanted level.

Steal 2 tanks and take them to the Junkyard.

Next, steal a Hunter and take it to the Junkyard.

If you are wasted, busted, or cheat, or if you visit a Pay-and-Spray or collect a police bribe, you fail the mission.

--Brotherhood Mission #2: Test of Survival

(A note is left on Tommy’s desk at the Vercetti Estate)

Mr. Vercetti, I believe we can now establish open lines of contact. I am #4. I belong to the Brotherhood. I believe it is time you got acquainted with our organization. We have a hierarchy of power. As you can tell, I am fourth from the top of the chain. The founder of our organization, #1, has granted me permission to scout another possible member. Currently, our organization consists of twenty men, each with a numeric designation. The first test for all candidates is a test of survival. Acquire a Baggage Handler. Blow out all four tires. Gain a six-star wanted level. Your goal is to survive for 1 hour. You must remain in the vehicle at all times, and you must remain on a main road within Escobar International Airport. Once you have outlasted the Army for 1 hour, remain in the vehicle, and proceed to the mall in Vice Point. Enter, and pickup the casual outfit from Gash. Once you have completed these tasks, you are free to collect a police bribe or visit a pay-and-spray.


Find a Baggage Handler at Escobar International Airport.

Gain a six star wanted level.

Survive for one hour against the army.

After having survived for 1 hour, proceed to the mall in Vice Point.

Enter the mall, and collect the Casual outfit in front of Gash

If you are wasted, busted, or cheat, leave the Baggage Handler at any time, or leave Escobar International Airport before reaching 1 hour, you fail the mission

--Brotherhood Mission #3: Trial by Fire

(Tommy receives a telephone call)

Mr. Vercetti, you completed the first test with high marks. The second test is a trial by fire. You must kill 100 law enforcement officers with either a Flamethrower, or Molotov Cocktails. Civilian kills do not add to your total, and neither do gang member kills. Once you have reached the requirements, go to the Junkyard, where we will meet to discuss the final test.


Using only a Flamethrower or Molotov Cocktails, kill 100 law enforcement officers.

Kills by any other means do not add to your total.

If necessary, you may collect a police bribe, or visit a Pay-and-Spray.

After having reached the quota, head to the Junkyard to receive the final test.

If you are wasted, busted, or cheat, or if you head to the Junkyard before having reached the quota, you fail the mission.

--Brotherhood Mission #4: The Final Test

(Tommy arrives at the Junkyard, where he meets a midget surrounded by two bodyguards, all of them covered with black clothing.)

Mr. Vercetti, I am #1. My size may be diminutive, but my power is unimaginable. Your final test for entrance into our reclusive organization is a test of destruction. If your highest media attention is below 4000, then you must reach that level. If your highest media attention is above that level, then you must break your current mark. You may arrive at the level by any means you desire. If you can complete this mission, you will gain access to our organization.


If your highest media attention is below 4000, then reach that plateau.

If your highest media attention is above 4000, then break your current record.

You may accomplish this goal by any means you wish.

If you are wasted, busted, or cheat, you fail the mission.

--Brotherhood Mission #5: The Plan

(Tommy meets with #5)

#21, it is time you learned of our plan. We have acquired a weapon of unimaginable power. Its destructive forces are capable of exterminating all life in the Southeastern United States area. We plan to evacuate the area, unleash the weapon, then return to begin our conquest of the world. #3 has set up a front for creating a vessel to leave the area. Most denizens of the area know him as Pastor Richards. With money collected from donations, we shall construct a spaceship with which to escape the area. From there, we shall launch the weapon. First, in order for us to construct this massive spacecraft, we require parts. We need you to collect certain vehicles that will aid in the construction.


Steal 5 Squallo’s, 5 Cuban Jetmaxes, and 1 Predator, and deliver them to the docks near the Junkyard.

Next, steal 30 Cheetahs, and deliver them to the Junkyard.

If you are busted, wasted, or cheat, you fail the mission.

--Brotherhood Mission #6: Final Preparations

(#21 meets with #3)

#21, in final preparation for our operation, we require weapons. We also need large amounts of ammunition for them.


Acquire a Mini-Gun, and a total of 7500 bullets for it.

Acquire an M4 Assault Rifle, and a total of 1500 bullets for it.

Acquire an MP5 Submachine Gun, and a total of 2500 bullets for it.

Acquire a PSG-1 Sniper rifle and a total of 500 bullets for it.

Acquire a SPAS 12 Shotgun and a total of 1500 bullets for it.

Acquire a Colt Python and a total of 1000 bullets for it.

Acquire 200 Grenades.

Deliver the weapons to the Junkyard.

If you are wasted, busted, or cheat, or if you return to the Junkyard without having reached the munitions quota, you fail the mission.

--Brotherhood Final Mission #7

(#21 meets with #1)

Well #21, I am very sorry to inform you that the spacecraft only has room for 10 passengers. As a result, we are forced to leave you behind, and let you be incinerated along with the rest of Florida. (The other nine ‘passengers’ point their M4’s at #21, and remove his weapons). Now, #21, it is time for us to leave. Our spaceship shall be lifting off in 2 hours time. Tell the devil Marty Chonks sent you. (The 10 ‘passengers’ leave Tommy behind, and head for their spacecraft).


Head for the Junkyard as fast as you can.

Find the ‘spacecraft’ (Trashmaster). Since you have no weapons you must destroy it by hand. While running against the spacecraft, swing at it with your fists, to slowly destroy it. Make sure you destroy it within 2 hours. If you are wasted, busted, or cheat, fail to destroy the spacecraft within 2 hours, or use any weapon including Brass Knuckles, you fail the mission.

Thanks to Succotashi for the Brotherhood Missions.

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