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Ny och gammal fakta


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Hittade fakta på GTASanAn.com med vad jag förstår är nya fakta från tidningen PSM.

"-The necessity of a PS2 dual-layer DVD is confirmed

-Los Santos is on the lower east side of the map and is only a small part of the state’s geography

-There are 16000 unique objects in the game as opposed to Vice City’s circa-5000

-Despite the map’s size it’s all quality, no True Crime level detail here (Gud vad bra!) -No breaks during driving over bridges or into different cities, only a short second pause during the entrance of buildings

-Weilding two weapons at once is now confirmed

-Vinewood is San Andreas’ version of Hollywood

-Lots of new outfits are confirmed

-You can improve your character’s skills, such as shooting and driving"

(Åh nej, ni The Sims hatare måste gå i taket :wub: )

"-New graphics engine confirmed (35-50% more polygons on screen at a time)

including real-time reflections, a better draw distance, an enhanced shadows system and lighting effects, more detailed textures and realistic animations

-Manhunt-style gun targeting system

-Vehicles now rust and show age

-The difficulty setting automatically adjusts according to how well you do

-Not only can you improve social skills and relationships, but you can acquire a small crew of thugs that you recruit by yourself

-You acquire actual possessions

-The Flats and the Ballas are two confirmed rival gangs

-Latin flavor is added to the mix with the revealing of Cesar as a new Hispanic character

-There is an unidentified fat thug (as indicated in a screenshot) that might be a part of “the help”

-The first three missions are named “Menace”, “Driveby”, and “Reuniting the Families”

-Our first glimpses of in-game dialogue show no sign of some essential street slang, but doesn’t forget to use the Håller med till 100%! ‘homie’ nine times (Har varit en fråga i en tråd...)

-The number of licensed music tracks in San Andreas will have tripled -- and the game isn't even at full completion yet..." (Detta står någonstans i tidningen, det var inte med bland det andra på denna lista)

Samma sida hade också en nyhet om vilka olika kläder huvudkarakträen hittils har haft på sig på dem bilder man sett:

"-Black jacket, jeans, and what look like Converse Chuck Taylor imitations.

-Black jacket, jeans, Timberland boots imitations.

-Black jacket, jeans, white sneakers.

-Wifebeater(tank top), jeans, Chuck Taylors.

-Shirtless, jeans, Chuck Taylors."

De skriver också att de hört från Rockstar att kläderna ska vara mycket mer detaljerade. Kan man spekulera i att man kanske kan byta tröja, men behålla samma byxor osv?

IGN har också skrivit en lite småintressant grej i sin artikel (Tagit från GTASanAn.com´s nyheter)

"There will be on-rails shooting segments where we have to gun people down while literally riding shotgun in a car that someone else is driving."

Låter det häftigt? Jag tycker det ;)

EDIT: Ett stavfel... och omstrukturering

Redigerad av Upson
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Skrivet (redigerad)

Detta känner i alla fall inte jag igen.

Taget från GTAGaming

"-If Carl eats too much and gains too much weight, he is denied certain missions. Mission givers tell him to get in shape before starting.

- The game has the same HUD (heads up display) as in GTA III and Vice City.

- The graphical quality will be much improved. Visability (draw distance) will be 1km and a new technique will be introduced - parking cars, trees and other objects will be displayed with very low details if far away.

- Movements will be smoother and more fluent than in Vice City; Rockstar is trying

to keep constant 30fps, but that didn't yet quite work out in the test version that OPS2 saw.

- There's an automated aiming-aid that simplifies control, and of course it can be it turned off if you choose.

- If you press a button the camera zooms right behind the player, so you can aim at enemies with the analogstick (Manhunt style).

- There's three times as much music in SA and remarkably more weapons than in VC, and plus gameplay (the story) is three times longer than Vice City.

- Apprently 80% of the work on SA is done, and it comes not on a 4.7GB DVD but a

8.5GB double layer DVD - which has just enough room for the game with help of good

compressing-techniques (that indicates the dimensions SA will have)!

- Some parts of missions will take place in the countryside outside of the three cities.

- Orange Grove is the name of one of the districts and that is where the Orange Grove Families name comes from.

- The textures will be photographed ones as well as self-drawn ones.

- There will be less pop-up of distant objects. Houses can be seen from far away.

- Groups of trees will be rendered as a group from distance. If you get closer, they'll be rendered separately. Because of this, a bigger draw distance is possible.

- The magazine claims that the animations will be even better than in Vice City."

Mycket detaljerat om grafiken och om "aiming" systemet. Även "huden" blir densamma.

Redigerad av Upson
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Bra fakta! Vissa har ju vet man ju och andra inte... :wub:

-Our first glimpses of in-game dialogue show no sign of some essential street slang, but doesn’t forget to use the Håller med till 100%! ‘homie’ nine times (Har varit en fråga i en tråd...)

HAHA! ;)

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