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IPB 1.3 pdr2 installerat!


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Då var en tidig version av IPB 1.3 pdr2 installerat då. Jag ser dock inga skillnader alls. :P


#90566: -name- format breaks display when quoting

#89613: Incorrect Nav URL when posting a poll after topic creation

#84856: Wrong URL in IPDl in the poll header

#85436: SQL formatting incorrect when dealing with "LEFT JOIN"

#85683: Typo in help files; "forgotten"

#86851: Typo in admin logs when removing all email logs

#87153: Typo in ACP skin section names

#85455: Typo in error message when entering incorrect password

#83957: Typo: Duplicates in some language files

#86508: Minor: URL parsing bug, inserting '...' when not required

#87936: ACP: Editing forum desc adds line breaks incorrectly

#89064: PM: Archiving PM's inverted time selection

#90093: ACP: Logic flaw in time selection when deleting members

#89415: Moderating: Incorrect mod-log entry when editing a topic title

#87782: Forum jump missing forums under certain circumstances

#88700: UCP: changing email address doesn't check ban list

#87054: DOHTML not parsing correctly on print/download page formats

#87099: Stretching "please wait" messages due to "nowrap"

#90193: XHTML: Flash avatars no compliant

#89594: Posting poll & preview doesn't always remove slashes

#87277: Logging in redirect not working when register globals is off

#86397: Incorrect height tag in profile picture

#85833: Warn pop-up pagination / JS errors

#90265: IPDL: Latest discussions shows password protected forum topics

#89679: ACP: Using backslashes in group prefix/suffix not working

#89461: ACP: Missing global call to $IN in admin_skin

#88927: Searching: MySQL 3.X / FULLTEXT / trim error

#89053: When quoting a post it's possible to use more smilies than allowed

#84651: Searching for new posts can show not approved topics

#92848: Emailing, not counting limits properly

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