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jag laddade ner en mod som gör att man kan köra racen när man vill.och så här står det i read me:

1. With Mafia Data Xtractor 1.1 (it MUST BE 1.1) extract the tables data.

A warning should popup about you needing to select the

patches data to exratct it properly. Just select yes for this.

2. Now copy circuits.def into Mafia/tables* and make sure you overwrite the

existing one.

3. Copy mainmenu.mnu into Mafia/tables/MENU* and overwrie the existing one

*The tables listed above should be automatically created by the Xtractor

If they were not then you are either doing somthing wrong or are using

the wrong version of xtractor.

4. Load up Mafia and enjoi -_-

Note: You need to select a car from the garage and a track for this to work.

If you select a car opponents are automatically filled in but you can change

them if you wish so.

!REMEMBER! This mod enables an unfinished version of a race made. It was not

coded for me and I can not garuntee it works. Becuase this version is unfinished

only one track is available.

jag får det inte att funka :'(

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