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Detta är ett tillägg till nyheten: Hidden Package #101 (01/02/03)





While it always pains us to toot our own horn, unfortunately for the purposes of the Grand Theft Auto mailing list, if we don't self-indulge, then no one else will. So without further ado, here's a brief selection of G.O.T.Y. honors some institutions have seen fit to merit Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

* Game Informer, January 2003. GAME OF 2002. "[Grand Theft Auto: Vice City] took a premise that blew everyone away, and expanded it to ludicrous proportions... a scale of game we never thought would be achieved."

* PSM, February 2003. GAME OF THE YEAR. "The depth and gameplay variety is through the roof... Vice City is a gaming experience that will have us playing well into 2003."

* Entertainment Weekly, December 4 2002. BEST VIDEOGAME OF 2002. "The reason 'Vice City' blows every other game away isn't that it's a driving, shooting, action, or simulation game, but that it's all four combined into a criminally stylish package... a visit to Vice City is sure to keep you out all night."

* IGN.com, January 21, 2003. BEST PS2 GAME OF THE YEAR (Editor's Choice and Reader's Choice). "...more mini-games, a greater, more in-depth story featuring a perfectly voice acted character... an invigorating, impressively selected soundtrack... Perhaps the addition of motorcycles is the icing on the cake, or maybe it was the way players can buy property, investing themselves in further in the story. However, you look at it, it's the most impressive game on PS2 in 2002."

* GameSpot.com, December 26, 2002. GAME OF THE YEAR ON PLAYSTATION 2. "...everything in Vice City seems to come together in a way that almost feels impossible, like games simply shouldn't be this good."

If you're not one of the many millions of people out there who have already helped Grand Theft Auto: Vice City become the top-selling game of 2002 by a landslide - first of all, shame on you - second of all, get it over with, you're only punishing yourself.





Seems that the critic's choice of game for 2002 has also delivered a companion piece of entertainment that lives up to similar standards of excellence. Who says? Read on...

New Musical Express, December 7 2002. Review score: 10/10. "If this amazing music from the first half of the 80's is a foreign country to you, or a country you visited but can't really remember, then, dude, this totally awesome box set is your one-way ticket to paradise."

Rolling Stone, December 12 2002. "Extravagant enough to reflect the excesses of the 1980s... Each volume (also sold separately) comes with DJ patter, commercials and parody music that totally evoke the decadent decade in which the game is set."

Entertainment Weekly, November 22 2002. Review score: A. "...this collection of music has more hits than a Mob boss. V-Rock thrashes out with Iron Maiden's '2 Minutes to Midnight.' Legendary radio pirate Mr. Magic drops scratchtastic tunes from Kurtis Blow and Whodini. And Radio Espantoso manages to mambo mucho with Mongo Santamaria and Tito Puente. Also, every disc includes a Vice City cheat code -- which makes this life of Vice sound pretty darn good"

PSM, January 2003. BEST SOUNDTRACK 2002. "Vice City's soundtrack must have been a daunting effort to assemble. The work was worth it, though - it fit the game's... setting perfectly, and surprisingly featured a lot of hits from the period that other game makers might not have found cliché enough."

Game Informer, January 2003. BEST VIDEO GAME SOUNDTRACK OF 2002. "This soundtrack not only serves to immerse you into the eighties, but more importantly to bring video games some credibility as an entertainment medium equal to that of TV and motion pictures."

Gamespy.com, December 26, 2002. BEST MUSIC 2002. "Rockstar Games continues to push the bounds of what a game can be with Grand Theft Auto. The game's soundtrack similarly raises the bar for video game soundtracks."

IGN.com, December 20 2002. "... the quintessential seven CD soundtrack... has burned a comet-like trail into the gaming consciousness... The result, a cross-media blockbuster box set... is a wide-ranging swath of musical one-hit wonders and real gems from the 1980s that hits on all cylinders."

For those enchanted by the sounds of Vice City, yet too trepidatious to drop $50 on anything other than a Rockstar videogame, we understand. For the likes of you, we also offer the Greatest Hits single OST CD disc containing what we've reckoned to be the very best tracks across all of Vice City's airwaves. Visit the Sony Music Store or the music retailer of your choice.

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