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Mail från skaparen av GTA3 Admin Console


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Detta är ett tillägg till nyheten: Respons från skaparen (31/07/02)


Här är det långa mailet från skaparen av GTA3 Admin Console:

Hello fellow programmers and GTA3 players.

Sorry for the 3 weeks delay and for the mass-mail reply and thanks for your

interest on the console.

Many of you have sent more than one feedback, mostly about the source code.

The source code was on the internet the whole time, ready for the downloads

since 05.07.2002. The only thing missing was the link for the download. I

wasn't able to update the downloads page as my health situation suddenly got

worse and I ended up in hospital for another 3 weeks.

As you know, I have developed this program as I was lying in bed after a

major operation. The lack of feedback from my side was due to the same

reason. My health got worse and I was in hospital for three weeks.

I came back home today and have downloaded 203 feedback e-mails about the


I have still no access on the forums. Please post this e-mail adress

(gta3feedback@estetiksoft.de) on the forums so that the people can reach me.

I am not hiding information on my person or contact information. My name is

Alper Saracoglu, I am a veteran hard-core visual basic programmer with over

10 years of VB and over 15 years of programming experience in several

languages from fortran to java. I am the webmaster/admin/owner of the

estetiksoft.de and also the owner of the "estetiksoft" software company in

berlin - germany.

I would also very much appreciate if one of you could post this e-mail on

the forums so that other people would have a feedback from me. I have also

sent an e-mail to the forum-master to send me a copy of the comments so that

i can at least read the comments for once.

I have feedback from people complaining that I have not placed any feedback

on the forums, and gave no contact information. It is very depressing that I

have never got access to the forums, and have still no idea what the console

users say about the console, or what kind of problems they experienced.

1. For the players:

A quick help/faq thing:

-The v1.1 of the console is 708608 bytes long. If your copy is smaller,

download the last version.

-The console does not write to the registry for its settings. If you have

used the full download (full-install) the windows itself writes the install

location to the HKey Local Machine, under the uninstall locations.

-You do not need to uninstall - and - re-install the console everytime you

experience problems (ie. it stops working). This is mainly because the ini

file is messed up. Just delete the ini file, it will be regenerated. You can

also make a backup of the ini file (ie. backup your settings) when you get

the console working. And if it stops working due to any reason, just copy

the backup back, overwriting the non-working configuration (ini file)

-The console was tested only by Win98SE users, because I have only the

Win98SE as development environment. I cannot reproduce any of the problems

with other Operating Systems. I must regret that the installation routine

was not extensively tested. The developers will find the source-code for

download on the downloads page of my server. I hope there will very soon be

support for other operating systems like Win2k, WinXP etc.

-The v1.0 of the console does not work with the v1.1 version of the GTA3. If

you read [Player in ](without the car name) on the console title, you will

need to download the v1.1, and select the GTA3 version as v1.1 from the

combo box on the lower-right corner of keyboard shortcuts page.

-If the console says it cannot find the GTA3.exe, just copy the

gta3_console.exe to where the gta3.exe is, and delete the gta3.ini file (it

will be regenerated) or, open the ini file in a text editor, and delete the

"GTA3Path=" line from the ini file. The carcols.dat file is located in the

\Data subdirectory of the gta3.exe install directory. This file is needed

and parsed for the car color definitions. If you get this error, copy the

gta3_console.exe where the gta3.exe is.

-The console is mainly developed for the 1.0 version of the GTA3. I have

experienced problems (mainly crash of GTA3 or full computer-crash) while

using the console with the v1.1 of GTA3. This problem is not directly from

the console. Because the only difference between console v1.0 and v1.1 is

the start memory locations (selectable using the combo-box). The GTA3 v1.1

is much more vulnerable to trainers. Rockstar has declared that the

difference between v1.0 and v1.1 is mosly reducing the security-checks in

order to achieve more performance on slow computers. So if you have a fast

computer, go back to the v1.0

-The flight assistance levels the car and automatically sends Z (upwards)

speed command if the car is falling. It is not yet very intelligent and its

performance is highly computer speed relevant.

-There is no pre-defined list for the keyboard shortcuts. The keyboard

shortcuts are freely definable. If you define same shortcut for ie. two

commands, both commands will be run. In order to activate the selected and

defined shortcut, doubleclick the line on the list, so that the line (or the

shortcut) has a checkmark on the left.

-The downloads are on a server with traffic limit. If you experience

problems with the downloads, please use download assistance like getright.

2. For the developers

- It has not yet been possible to upload it on the planet-source-code.com

due to the size of the program and its documentation. The full source code

including the documentation and comments are now available on


-I have heard that the console install routine overwrites the MSVBVM60.DLL

file on Win2k and WinXP, causing version conflicts. Copying back the

original MSVBVM60.DLL from the installation CD would resolve this problem

and let the console work. Any ideas on this?

-I speak english, german and turkish. You can send your comments and ideas

in any of these languages.

-I can simply not spare some time for the internet pages. If any of you

fellow programmers have time for setting-up some fancy homepage for the

console, I would very much appreciate. You are fully free for the design of

the home page. You can set up your own links as well. You will be the

web-master for the console section. Anybody interested? (PS. My server does

not accept the Håller med till 100%! "download", it is my personal web-space, on one of the

german web-space providers. So there is only one ftp password. Please send

your design to me, and I will upload it on the server. Just zip the complete

homepage with the sub-directories and images. Please also do not use heavy

graphics and animations, as my server has a traffic limit. Please inform me

if you are interested, before you finish your design. somebody else could

have already finished his/her design)

-My visual studio is in german. So I do not have access to an english

install routine. Any ideas?

-Some feedback states that the console works under XP when the internet

explorer is running as well. Can it be due to shared dlls?

-The console overwrites its ini file everytime you change any of the

settings. This may cause corrupted ini file when the computer crashes. Any

ideas about a better way to keep the settings?

-The location of the gta3.exe is only needed for the parsing of the

carcols.dat file, for the car colors. Do you think it is better to forget

about parsing the carcols.dat and use the factory settings for the car

colors? This may resolve installation problems as well. Because the console

will then be location independent.

-The console is simply a memory hack programm. Therefore it is heavily

dependant on the memory locations. Is it a good idea to split it to, say 5

independant programs so that every sub-program will perform a

combination/part of tasks/functions and even if not all 5 sub-programs work,

the working ones do not interfere with the memory locations of the

non-working ones, thus reducing the crash risk?


Alper Saracoglu

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