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Crime City Mod


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OK, this is a mod I made a long time ago, but I forgot to relese it. It is a very large island addition to Vice City.

It is a map mod with many SCM features. The map is good enough for about 2 hours of straight playing without an SCM, but the SCM adds so many more features.


If it doesn't work, right click it, and goto 'save target as'.


It is 100% ingame models so you can expect a few glitches.

Here is the text from the readme that I made:


Tommy Vercetti is a professional assasain that lives in Crime City and works for anonymous rich gang lords and drug lords.

About the mod:

This mod puts a largish size island on the edge of ocean beach. The whole idea of the mod was to make an entire city without using any other objects from any other mods or without making my own. The enterence is at the north part of the beach, but you will start at the enterance with a PCJ next to you anyway. It is quite big, because it takes up about half the beach. There are many cool things you can do, like bodyguards, missions, cars to purchase and there are many secrets and hard-to-find-things to look for.

Features and secrets:

- The islands have many parked cars and weapons to play around with. And have lots of hidden things.

- The assasination missions get harder each time, but you are given a better gun to use each time, and some times you will be offered a vehicle to use for the missions. (Look for the payphone on your radar)

- There is an army base off the edge of the main island that has an indestructable patriot that costs $8000. (Look for the pink marker).

- At the carshop; you can buy an indestructable Hotring Racer for $10000. (Look For the pink marker).

- An Ammunation is hidden somewhere in the city and offers you 5 of the best weapons (Uzi, Python, M60, SPAS, Laser Sniper Rifle); WITH UNLIMITED AMMO! For only $5000. (Look for the pink marker).

- The Security compony called; PIG (Patrol Invest Group) has set up personal bodyguard services for any one that is willing to pay $5000 for 3 bodyguards. This may sound like a good offer, but they only have 100 health and 50 armour and they only have pistols. (Look for the pink marker).

- The SWAT is also running their own bodyguard service for people who absuelutly need to be protected. The asking price is $10000 for 3 bodyguards. But they have 200 health and 200 armour and are armed with M60s. (Look for the Pink Marker).

- The RC Club have set up a non-racing RC Buggy and a non-racing RC Baron for the public to use (providing the public have $1000). It is quite a good deal because they never go out of signal and they are wired up with bombs and you can drive and fly them where ever you want. But there is a nice big space behind the police Dept. To drive them anyway. (Look for the Top Fun van).

- There is a hidden shooting range with extra stuff; like the beach ball and the giant shark and explosive barrels.

- Crime City is home to the best street racer in the world, his name is DrAgStA and he owns the best cars in Crime City. He lives in a secert location and when you kill him, it lets you use all of his cars that are in his hideout.

- Also includes a Hospital, Police Deptartment, Streets, Lots of buildings, Maze, Houses, etc.

-It is gigantic! Have a good look around the island for hidden stuff like weapons and armour.

Here are some screenshots:

Remember: The SCM is very glitchy because I put in missions that are very scrappy, but fun. EG: If you die through a mission, the actors loose all of their flags and they just stand there.

There are alot of Glitches, so be carefull.

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Yes. You need to do this because: Vice City has limit of how many objects can be placed in the game, you must edit that value so that it will run otherwise, it could possibly crash. If this is confussing people, i will upload my edit GTA_VC.exe for people to download so that they don't have to set the limits them selves, but I have no where to upload it to. :rolleyes:

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This may sound abit weird but why does LittleGuna write in english if he has a signature which is in swedish?

And also, å,ä and ö doesnt exist on non-swedish computers, as far as i know.

Han ville lyssna på svensk hiphop, så tipsade nån här på forumet han om Fronda, och gav en bit text ur nån låt har jag för mig.

Ontopic: That mod looks cool! It looks great! If it is as good as you wrote, I cant wait to try this. =)

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This may sound abit weird but why does LittleGuna write in english if he has a signature which is in swedish?

And also,  å,ä and  ö doesnt exist on non-swedish computers, as far as i know.

They exisist on all computers, but my keyboard doesn't do them letters, so I copy and paste them from other swedish text.

But I copied them words of a swedish website anyway, they are the lyrics to my faviroute swedish song.

Redigerad av LittleGuna
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