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£50 för att döda Bigfoot!


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Nu finns det en belöning till den som skickar bildbevis i form av ett vhs-band eller bild på att man har dödat Bigfoot! Det är Gamesradar som har utfäst en belöning på £50=634:- till den som skickar bevis på att man har dödat Bigfoot!

Inte nog med det. Man letar också efter bevis på bla: Leatherface, Piggsy (från Manhunt som tydligen skall bo i ett ruckel i skogen), spöken och förarlösa bilar!

För att göra det så enkelt som möjligt att kopiera så skall du koppla in videon eller dvd-inspelaren via scartkabeln på/till PS2:an!

"GTA San Andreas: Have you seen Bigfoot?

[11/11/04 12:42]

Show PSM2 the evidence and you can pocket a cool 50 quid

Maybe it's madness. Maybe they know that their £50 is safe in their wallets. But PSM2 magazine are offering a £50 bounty for the first confirmed sighting (and slaying?) of 'Bigfoot' in GTA San Andreas.

Speculation has been rife since the game's release that somewhere in the woodlands of the million-seller lurks Bigfoot. Other rumours suggest that a leatherfaced crazy-man (known as - hey! - Leatherface) lives in a shack in the woods. Still more believe that Piggsy, the mind-scarring 'star' from Rockstar's infamous Manhunt, lives somewhere in the game. Well PSM2 want to settle the score once and for all - and are prepared to pay for evidence.

They want your proof. Capture the mysterious woodland fiend (be it man or beast) on VHS tape (plug your PS2 into your video's SCART socket and hit record) and, if you deliver the first confirmed evidence of the Beast of The Panopticon, they'll send you fifty of the queen's.

But that's not all. Witnessed the lights in the sky? Seen a random plane crash? Or have you been chased by the haunted, driverless car? Whatever you have witnessed, PSM2 want to know about it. They want your digipics, videos and written accounts and will make you famous in the process. Describe your discovery (and include pics if you have them) and send it to daniel.dawkins@futurenet.co.uk

Got a VHS tape of San Andreas weirdness (be it deliberate or a glitch)? Or do you want to make history and claim that Bigfoot Bounty? Send your VHS tapes to San Andreas Weirdness Watch, PSM2 Magazine, Future Publishing, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath, BA1 2BW.

PSM2 will feature full reports in an issue coming soon and we'll keep you updated too on gamesradar.com."

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