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Attention alla ps2 användare


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Btw.. Jag läste också om att den inte funkar på dem gamla ps2 versionerna.. (Spelet stannas ibland på olika uppdrag)..

-Citat från gtaforums postad av: Mafia Righthand_Man (Han verkar ha problem med sin gamla ps2)

I put the game in, it loads up like it will play fine, then it gets to the Rockstar screen and it skips like hell. Then it goes to the intro and skips a sh*tload and eventually freezes. Sometimes if I get lucky, it will get to the SA screen where it would load after that but it would freeze right then. I have already tried cleaning the lens and it didn't work. I might try opening it up again but I don't know what else I can do to fix it. I'm getting a lens cleaner disc soon and if that doesn't help, I'm gonna sell this hunk of crap on Ebay as a broken system and buying a new one.

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Kaboom Posted on Oct 26 2004, 22:32

  För alla som har en gammal ps2:


Händer inget när jag klickar på länken (Sidan kan inte visas)

Nån som kan kopiera texten?

Jag har en 30001:a och läste på gtagaming en kille som hade en lika gammal med samma nummer alltså 30001 som inte hade några problem alls..

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Händer inget när jag klickar på länken (Sidan kan inte visas)

Nån som kan kopiera texten?

Jag har en 30001:a och läste på gtagaming en kille som hade en lika gammal med samma nummer alltså 30001 som inte hade några problem alls..

If you have not yet opened your PS2, do not open your open your PS2.

Sony offers a free replacement warranty on any PS2 console regardless of purchase date.

As long as the console has a warranty sticker. Sending your PS2 to Sony to get it

repaired or replaced is a FAR better option than trying to fix it yourself.

I would have tried returning the PS2 first before opening it too.

But i was only made aware of this after i tried it

I will try to get a list of Sony phone numbers on here at some point,

or if you know the right number for this Sony service in your country email it to me.

UPDATE: I have been given the numbers to call for Sony USA and Canada:

From the Playstation site:

"For technical assistance with the PlayStation 2, PS one, or PlayStation in the U.S. & Canada,

please contact SCEA Consumer Service at 1-800-345-SONY (7669) Monday - Saturday 6:00 AM - 8:00 PM PST

and Sunday 7:00 - AM 6:30 PM PST in order to thoroughly troubleshoot your problem and for us to assist you."

Thanks to David Cresswell for providing info.

But if you must continue:

It would be smart of you to read through this before you start, so you dont get any shocks

Also, make sure there's no disk inside and no peripherals attached.

Remember...I am not liable for any damages that may arise from you taking apart your PS2,

so proceed at your own risk.

This is a simple guide to resolve the 'clicking' problems and some disc reading errors that some of you are getting.

If your PS2 is still under warranty obviously dont attempt any of this and get Sony to repair it. Remember that if you take your PS2 apart you will void your warranty. The following instructions are put together from my own personal experience, so if theres something that doesnt look right email me and let me know.

My console is version SCPH-30003, yours may be different and im not sure if that affects the procedure.

The clicky noise i only figured out after taking a closer look at the lens moving parts, the lens has to move accross to read the disc and the clicky noise is the lens-moving mechanism not working efficiently. By cleaning the bars that the lens move on, and then adding oil, the lens can move easier and quicker, and i would say it returns it to a pretty much 'new' state.

Turn the PS2 upside down (If you dont want your PS2 scratched it'll be best to do this on a soft/smooth surface). You should see 10 squares on the bottom side, 4 are rubber, 6 are plastic.

Proceed to remove them, but be careful not to scratch the case. You can remove the rubber ones with a fingernail, but the plastic tabs are tougher, use a small flathead screwdriver to remove them. I simply stuck the end in the groove, and twisted it, the tab just flips up.

Underneath the tabs are the screws, remove all the tabs first though.

Once all the tabs are removed, keep them in a safe place, unless you want your PS2 scratching surfaces.

This is a small plan i made of the screw positions, you may want to do this as the screws arent all the same size. Its just some piece of card.

I didnt measure the screws, but there seems to be two extra long ones, and the others look about the same size.

Just stab the screws through the plan and they'll stay safe till you need them again.

Flip your PS2 back over (right way up). You have to do the next step carefully as its important you dont break the linking ribbon between the 2 halfs. See the next image so you know whats coming up.

Lift the back up and then towards you, you'll notice the disc tray and controller/memory card slots stay with the bottom half.

Careful with this ribbon, breaking it means you lose the reset and open buttons....not a good idea,

see the next step.

Lift up the part and then move it to the right and it should come lose.

Now that its free, you can put the top half case aside.

Now we have access to the disc drive, the stuff to the left are power related parts and maybe some other stuff, ignore them as you dont have to deal with it.

Remove the 4 black screws, none other. You will need a small screwdriver.

Keep the screws safe, they are important. I used one of the rubber tab/feet.

And heres what happens when you arent thinking about the task at hand. I left GTA: Vice City in the disc tray, a potentially dangerous thing to do. Its probably too late to mention it, but


Right, heres my PS2's lens mechanism, the cause of my problems. Take a Qtip (cotton-bud) and gently wipe the lens, some people recommend using alcohol to rub on the lens, i didnt need to do this to get a clean lens.

You'll notice how easy it is to press down the lens, so be gentle.

The next steps are optional.

These 2 screws are on the bottom-left side of the disc tray, remove them and store them safe (another rubber foot...)

Now tilt the tray up from and slide it out, dont hit the laser.

Now here's what i've worked out to be the source of the 'clicky' problem. Make sure your problem is a definite 'click' noise, like i was getting.

The lens holder slides on these 2 metal bars. When they get dirty, the lens is harder to move, if you look at it for long enough you'll see how it works. All you need to know is that if you keep the metal bars clean and lubicrated it will make PS2's life easier. I used sewing-machine oil on it, but im going to ask around to see whats the best to use.

UPDATE: Apparently, sewing machine oil is not such a smart idea, Heres what i have been told:

"Marcos, don't use sewing machine oil, which can drip, attract dust because of its viscosity...

Instead use electrical grease or light bulb grease and apply it to the two bars

holding the PS2 lens...This will last longer, repel humidity, and dust...


Another suggestion I have had about the oil:

"You mentioned about using sewing machine lubricating oil on the lens housing guide....

well its seems OK offhand if we dont have anything else in hand...

But in time it may smear out onto the machine part due to lack of viscosity....

I would recommend the use of silicone based lubricant like the ones used for cassette

player mechanism lubrication. It appears white similar to a toothpaste but at the

same time very lubricating like grease. Ask for one at your electronic parts supplier."

Now put the PS2 back together:

Did you break the ribbon cable linking the power/reset buttons to the console?

These sites sell replacements and more:




There are plenty more sites that sell replacement parts, email me if you would like a site added.

I made this page for Gamewinners PS2 Forum, hopefully it will get a bigger audience. If you would like to use this guide on your site, please email me.

Copyright Marcos Moreno 2004 ©.

EDIT: De va ju iofs mäst bilder menmen

tack vill ja ha :P

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