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Dåliga men bättre än inget :D

Felix 2004 on The Forums has recieved his copy of Play magazine and it contains a number of new screenshots such as pics of the country, a monster truck, atvs, a combine harvester, a big rig with trailer, the mountain, pics of different clothes and apparently the mountain is called "Mount Chilliad". Felix also claims the magazine states the following:

- The sabre is back, an improved rancher, the walton and what looks like a hummer(80*).

- There is a country viliage called Dillamore and one called Angel Pine.

- On the monster truck there is no handbrake, however R1 turns on 4 wheel steering.

- A mission is to drive to a gas station on an ATV and rob it then escape before the police get there.

- There's a hot dog van.

- The longer you hold down R1 before you shoot determines how close you are to a head shot.

- There's a country hide out where you have a female acomplice who is unnamed.

We'll try and get scans but for now there is a poor quality photo in the topic. Enjoy. Remember this information is Unconfirmed so take it as speculation for now until we get a good quality scan. Don't blame us if it turns out to be BS. Hate to brag... But it looks like GTA-SanAndreas.com got more new info first... ;-).

Admin där ska försöka fixa bättre bilder och skriva ner all info som stog i tidningen :wub:

källa Gta- san andreas.com

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