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jag har precis läst en artikel som handlar om grafiken i vice city och så

jag tänkte berätta det för är ochså :D hoppas ni kan engelska B)

"Generally, the level of detail in the game has at least doubled"

"There will be 110 different ambient pedestrian models on the street"

"and around 50 story characters"

"Each character has a higher poly count and twice the number of textures than the characters in Grand Theft Auto III"

"they're fully skinned to be nice and smooth with no segmented joins"

"new effects: heat haze from the roads, flamethrowers, explosions, lots of aquatic life in the ocean, birds, flies, and a much better day-night cycle with lots of neon casting light everywhere"

"inspiration from Scarface, Carlito's Way, and, of course, Miami Vice"

"The water changed a lot, with environment mapping to make it seem reflective and add sparkles glinting from the sun on the surface. It's also transparent now, as we wanted it to seem clean and clear "

"The explosion effect has been revamped, with the main force of the explosion emitting from the fuel tank, which gives quite a spectacular result. Every other effect has been enhanced and tweaked in some way--nothing remains the same as Grand Theft Auto III"

jag har 3 helt nya bilder av helicoptrar och 5 nya av bygnaderna

heh dem vill ni verkligen se tro mig B)B):lol:


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