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In the September issue of PSM2


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QUOTE (page 003 @ right side)

This month one member of the team unloaded an M16 rifle at an alligator farm.

This wasn't happening in a game. Or in his mind. This was happening in the real world. After unleashing the power of the 'basic' assault weapon, trying out a sniper rifle and moving to an M16 with a grenade launcher, he jumped aboard an 80ft motor launch, got ferried to a tropical island, reagged around on a jet ski, then spent the evening chilled out in a pimp daddy-packed nightclub.

......jump ahead....

"Does Joel know something the rest of the worl doesn't?" asked Martin Richards of Exeter in a suprisingly restrained letter this month. "Or is that just the way his staff photo looks?" Well, the answer's a complicated one. In that both answers are correct. His stare does mask a dark secret, but equally, he does know something the rest of the world doesn't. All will be revealed next issue - suffice to say his firearm-discharging holiday (sorry, 'business trip') took place in Miami. Confused? See pg19. Then pg 128. That's all we can say for now......

detta e uttaget från playstation2 magasinet :D

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