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klara spelet?


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" If you have done EVERY SINGLE ASSET! Not all but two, not all but one, ALL

OF THEM!, you'll get a call from the Earnest telling you to come down.

He's been beat up by Forelli's goons, and they're taxing all your assets.

Thus, the more you have, the better and easier. I suggest owning them

all. Ok, ok, just to clear up. You need all BUT TWO. Do them all anyway, because

you need them for 100%. "

- Detta läste jag på en walkthrough.. Vad menar dem med "Every single asset"!? Är det att jag måste ha köpt allting (sunshine Autos, Icecream, Taxi, Printwoks) och sen gjort alla missions där!???!?!?!??!!?

Isf: Vilka "Assets" är det jag måste köpa? Namn på alla.. Tack tack TACK på förhand!! MÅSTE ha dendär militärhelikoptern som alla tjatar om!!! !!! !!! :huh:

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