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De snabbaste bilarna...


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1st Hotring Racer

2nd Infernus,PCJ 600

3rd Cheetah,Stinger,FBI Cheetah

4th Police,Ambulance,Banshee,Comet,Angel,Sabre Turbo

5th Sentinal XS,Freeway,FBI Rancher,Zebra Cab,Firetruck,Admiral,Cuban Hermes,Deluxo,Blista Compact

6th Gang Burrito,Phoenix,FBI Washington,Voodoo,Bloodring Banger,Sanchez,Sentinal,Lovefist

7th Sabre,Sandking,BF Injection,Esparanto,Enforcer,Stallion,Washington ,Burrito, omero's Hearse

8th Kauffman Cab,Patriot,Oceanic,Landstalker,Coach ,Hermes

9th Cabbie,Rancher,Rumpo,Taxi,Packer,Virgo ,Glendale,Greenwood Idaho

10th Barrocks OL,Mesa Grande,Pony,Regina,Bobcat

11th Yankee,Benson,Stretch,Boxville

12th Pizza Boy,Linerunner

13th Faggio,Top fun,Walton,Flatbed,Perenial ,Moonbeam,Manana

14th Mule,Securicar

15th Bus

16th Mr Whoopee

17th Caddy

18th Trashmaster

19th Baggage handler

20th Rhino

:D tack för tipset Freakboyzfaz på www.gametalk.com :angry:

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