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Kan någon Hjälpa mig med ett updrag


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Från Gamefaq:

Reward: respect

Objective: take back Cesar's territory

Step into the red marker at Sweet's house. Recruit 3 gang members. Drive with

Cesar and them to Unity Station. Protect Cesar. Okay there's a lot of gun

battle, so take cover, crouch and it is best to use a desert eagle. Follow

Cesar around and shoot the Vagos you run into. There's health along one of the

houses. Head into the alleyway with Cesar (cutscene). Shoot the Vagos in the

alleyway. There's a couple of them tucked to the right. Shoot the Vagos that

come from behind. After the cutscene, shoot the guy with rocket launcher, he's

on the house. Shoot any remaining Vagos on that street. Drive back to Grove


Om du inte fattar så ska du ta med dig 3 gängmedlemmar till Unity Station

Redigerad av T-Ryder
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