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2. *Supply Lines...*

Difficulty: 7/10

This is the first mission that I've seen a ton of people have problems

with. It took me about five tries. It just takes patience. The key for

this is to plan your route. There are five couriers:

Target 1: A van right at the start. Shoot his van and he gets out, then

rail him again to kill him. This should take no more than five seconds.

Target 2: A bicycle just to the left. Turn around and get behind him. Fire

until he gets off, then shoot him again. This shouldn't take very long


Target 3: Another van down the street. This guy won't get out of the van

when you shoot him, so get behind him at a steady speed and unload until

he catches fire. You should have these first three down in about thirty

seconds, and no more. You need all the fuel you can get now.

Target 4: A Sanchez towards Downtown. This is your first difficult target,

and it takes some practice. Get behind him at a steady speed and follow

him as soon as you start shooting. You need to blow him up before he gets

his speed up, or else you'll never see him again. It's all about timing

and practice, and once he's gone, you should be free for this mission.

Target 5: A third van northeast of the Sanchez. You should have about 50%

fuel after target four, and if you do, you've got this made. Get behind

this van as well, follow him for a bit, and then unload until the van

catches fire. As soon as it does, start high tailing it back to Zero's.

When you can see his pink blip on the roof, start decellerating and land

somwhere near the spot. It doesn't have to be exact. I had about thirty

seconds of fuel left when I finally got this mission down.

Reward: $5000

text from gamefaqs.com

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