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1) How do I start robbery missions?

To start robbery missions, you must have completed Ryder's Mission "Home Invasion". After this, you may always rob homes.

Find a Black Bakersville truck. Bakersville can usually be found around the industrial south-east part of Los Santos, in the port area.

Between 22:00 and 6:00, press R3 whilst driving the baskerville. The R3 mission will start.

Find a home. Rob it. You have a time counter that counts down the time till morning. At that time, you will lose all items you have stashed. In order to prevent this, take your truck to your lockup.

You will receive $20 for each individual item. You will get bonuses for varying numbers of items collected. You can go to more than one house on a mission.

2) How do I unlock the rest of the islands?

Simply go through the storyline. After completing the Los Santos and "Badlands (country)" missions, Chapter 3: San Fierro, will begin. You can go to the other islands by swimming. However, be warned that the moment you set foot on the soil you will have four stars. These can not be sprayed or cheated away. They will stay with you no matter what until you leave the area (when they disappear instantly).

3) How do I open the _______ store?

Go through the storyline. The stores will be introduced to you during missions, starting with the barber shop.

4) How do I raise my _______ stat?


...Respect: Cause ruckus, kill cops, spray 'tags', dress in gang colors.

...Sex Appeal: Work out, dress in fine clothing, have money, drive fine cars.

...Strength: Goto a gym and work out, ride a bike, run often.

...Endurance: Run often, work out, ride a bike, This works side-and-side with Strength.

5) How do I view my stats?

Press L1 while being on foot.

6) How do I change radio stations?

While in a car, press either the directional UP button, , or down button, .

7) How do I climb small walls/jump fences?

Go next to the wall/fence. Press square. If it is a tall fence, hold square. Else, he will simply hang on the fence.

8) Can I pimp girls?

Indeed you can. Using a special topless car (I will add later, the name is skipping my memory), you can start R3 Pimping missions to deliver girls to 'customers'. It is quite similiar to the Taxi missions.

9) Can I drive a train?

Yes, you can. Wait at a station for a train to pull in and come to a complete stop. Press triangle and take the train. It has two movement buttons. X will accelerate. Square will brake.

Be careful when speeding around tight turns, as the train could derail. The train accels slowly and brakes slowly. It is advised to look at its route during it to see tight spots coming up.

Later in the game you are able to have R3 delivery missions with the train.

10) Is there a fighter jet in the game? If so, where?

Yes, there is a fighet jet in the game. Once you can access San Fierro, try looking on top of the aircraft carrier.

11) How do I get to flight school?

This takes quite a while... In order to start flight school, you must buy the flight school property in Las Venturas. From there you must beat all the missions from the flight school in order to get a pilots license. Then you will have access to all airports.

Missions are like:

Fly around the state

Circle and land


12) How do I recruit gang members?

The way of selecting a gang member to join your gang is selecting him in target mode (Press R1 and aim it at him) and then pressing the UP directional button. The amount of gang members you can have at one time are limited by your respect level.

1 Member - 1% or greater

2 Members - 5% or greater

3 Members - 10% or greater

and from there it goes up exponentially to 8 members and 80% respect.

Gang members will follow you in cars, shoot at rival gangs, and just be your all around lackeys.

13) How do I gain territory?

This feature is introduced during a mission from Sweet called 'Doberman'. It involves taking over an area and shows you how to start a gang war, win it, and then shows your gang members appearing there.

After this mission, gang territories get highlighted on the map (also making the map easier to read) by color filled rectangles.

Any green rectangle is a OGF territory

Any purple rectangle is a Balla territory

Any yellow rectangle is a Vagos territory

and so on.

14) Is the Rhino the same again?


15) Are there any other military vehicles?

As to the point I have gotten in the game so far, no. My strategy guide disagrees. Apparently, there are fighter jets, and the Brown Thunder from Vice City is indeed back.

16) Are there any really odd new vehicles?

There is the street cleaner, which I find oddly amusing to ride in, seeing as it is about the size of you.

There is also, something I have yet to find, a rather large helicopter. What is different about this helicopter? It can pick up cars with a magnet that is dropped from its bottom. You heard right.

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And the award for best addition to SA goes to...

.... the manual destination target. When you look at the pause menu map, you can insert a red target blip anywhere you want on the map and it will show up on the ingame HUD map, making getting from place-to-place in such a VERY large city a very easy task. It's fairly simple, but it's so genius. It makes me less dependent on having to actually look stuff on the map because using the target a few times actually helps me learn where it is (that and the red target is a lot more visible on the HUD than any other icon).

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