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a little new info and 3 pictures


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"Beneath the water's surface lie dolphins, turtles, schools of fish and more. Lead character CJ can now swim, although getting hold of a boat is a more sensible option when it comes to getting around."

- Edge Magazine, November 2004

* In addition to the marine wildlife referred to in the quote above, flocks of birds will be seen in San Andreas.

* The tyres of the BMX bike "make a humming sound as they coast over the tarmac."

* Rough weather includes combinations of thunder and lightning.

* As seen in a video on the official site, clouds are no longer textures, but real objects to fly through.

* Your quest for hidden packages and bonus powerups will have you climbing on cars and ledges to get to otherwise inaccessible areas.





Är det den här infon och dessa bilder måntro?

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