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From the GameSpot article:

-- Robberies can only take place at night.

-- Not all missions will carry a cash reward.

-- Robberies are started by stealing a removal truck and hitting the R3 button.

-- Sneaking mode will be enabled by wearing a balaclava or ski mask.

-- A noise meter will appear on screen in sneaking mode, and rewards are given for quieter robberies.

-- New audio technology allows realistic distortions to dialogue, meaning you'll have to really listen hard to hear what's being said.

-- A fence will purchase stolen goods from you.

-- Silenced weapons are in.



From the IGN article:

-- You can choose from gang clothes and street/casual wear.

-- You will need certain clothes to complete certain missions.

-- Reece's Barber Shop is available from the start of the game.

-- There are various barber shops to choose from throughout San Andreas.

-- You will be determined a threat to gangs depending on your hairstyle/appearance.

-- Binco is the name of a cheap clothing store in The Grove.

-- SubUrban is a clothing outlet in Ganton (Watts inspired, Ballas Area), which sells expensive clothes.

-- ProLaps, located in Downtown Los Santos, sells very expensive, sports-style clothes, which will allow him to blend in more with the rest of the public.

-- More expensive clothes will gain more respect, while Gang clothes will attract attention, from your gang, rival gangs and the police.









Edit: Källa är gtagaming. Jag såg även nu att Okkla hade sänt in infon men inte satt in bilder för han ej hade sätt dom, då sätter jag in dom här!

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