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Lite fakta

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På gtasajtens första sida så finns det ju lite ny fakta....där skriver hultenius att hans tyska inte är så bra :P ...då gick jag in på den hemsidan som han fick´tag i faktan och översatte den med hjälp av altavista...så här är all fakta på engelska!!!!!! ^_^(w00t)-_-B)

Since today the new expenditure of the official German PlayStation of magazine (08/2004 lies; 6, 99?) in the review.

OPM2 is the only German expenditure for print the one exclusive view of the alpha version of San Andreas to throw was allowed.

The article is genuinely ingeniously written with some new information. Also two missions are described in detail.

The purchase of the not completely cheap magazine is for genuine GTA fan obligation.

Gameplay: Parts of missions play in free nature, thus outside of the three cities The three-way play time expects the player If Carl runs in play somewhat too much weight adds, you even certain orders and missions are refused.

The play screen reminds again of GTA 3 and VC times.

Identification announcement with stars, circular general map and naturally the point counter Orange Grove calls itself a course quarter in lot Santos - therefore also your course name orange Grove Families

Diagram: Design depth and texturing of the scenery are now clearly better Arise less Pop Ups and the house fronts are recognizable from far Groups of trees are represented e.g. from the distance as an object.

Only whom one more near comes becomes it detailed.

Like that extreme ranges of vision are possible. The animations are to look still better according to OPM2 than already in vice town centre A goal of the programmers, a constant picture rate of 30 Frames per second.

According to OPM2 it is in extreme situation, in which the screen overflows already nearly before vehicles and trade winds nevertheless too jerk-learn to come.

For the textures of the buildings both photos are used as well as pictures even drawn.

Weapon system: In addition, the camera zoom on push of a button behind the character and with the analog stick one pinpoints then its opponent at alternative stands still the automatic goal assistance for the order. The weapon variety is to have risen also in San Andreas again properly

Music: The number of licensed music is in GTA: San Andreas to be trebled!

Other: Meanwhile the play up to 80% is to be finished. Even the double sided DVD (binary layer DVD) for San Andreas to the employment comes (up to 8, 5 GB) is actually already too small. Without new compression procedures the complete play does not fit even there drauf ( = därpå).

Result OPM2: "I anyhow can hardly expect it, until San Andreas is finished. Thunder weather, skirt star: The thing becomes correctly fat!"

jag vet inte om det var så rolig fakta men fakta är fakta!!! :P(w00t):P

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