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Följande har jag gjort:

"18. Ken Rosenberg- The Lawyer

-An Old Friend

-The Party

-Back Alley Brawl

-Jury Fury


19. Juan Garcia Cortez- The Colonel

-Treacherous Swine

-Mall Shootout

-Guardian Angels

-Sir, Yes Sir

-All Hands On Deck

20. Ricardo Diaz- Coke Baron

-The Chase

-Phnom Penh '86

-The Fastest Boat

-Supply And Demand

21. Tommy Vercetti- Criminal Empire

-Death Row

-Rub Out


-Bar Brawl


-Cap The Collector

-Keep Your Friends Close

22. Avery Carrington

-Four Iron

-Demolition Man

-Two Bit Hit

23. Love Fist

-Love Juice

-Psycho Killer

-Publicity Tour

24. Big Mitch Baker

-Alloy Wheels Of Steel

-Messing With The Man

-Hog Tied

25. Assassination Missions- Phone Missions

-Road Kill

-Waste The Wife


-Check Out At The Check-In

26. Phil Cassidy

-Gun Runner

-Boomshine Saigon

27. Auntie Poulet- Haitians

-Juju Scramble

-Bombs Away!

-Dirty Lickin's

28. Umberto- Cubans

-Stunt Boat Challenge

-Cannon Fodder

-Naval Engagement

-Trojan Voodoo

29. Boatyard Asset

-Checkpoint Charlie

30. Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory Asset


34. Film Studio Asset

-Recruitment Drive

-Dildo Dodo

-Martha’s Mug Shot

-G Spotlight"

Taxi uppdragen heter

"31. Kaufman Cabs Asset


-Friendly Rivalry


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