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Cold Sweat II

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After nine months of hard work with the project and all that went with it, it's finally out. The sequel of the Nordic collab from 2008 organized by me and Herr-Dav'.

The reasons why I wanted to make this happen was because the first video became such a huge success, not only because of the stunts but the feeling and joy coming from the spirit of the vikings in us all and thus I knew that a follow-up with a greater lineup, no actual deadline or any kind of stunting requirements but that the participants sent anything they had fun performing and was even the slightest proud of -simply anything they wanted- would make a terrific stunting video following this fantastic Viking theme we both had great fun coming up with ideas for.

I would like to take this opportunity in act to thank every person who participated, supported and helped in any way to make this dream come true and of course give my love to Herr-Dav' for his incredible work and dedication to this project, and to PtRvY for the fantastic intro script.

Without anything more to add really, I now have the great honor to present you; Cold Sweat II!





Bluedagger, Daffy, Darkstar, Davve, Gavran, Hoff, JustCaus3, Lyserg, MaCi, Mehmet, Mr. Magic,

Mythic, Noah, Raining, Red, Sear, Sheeptea, Stevex, Swooth, Taz, TheGT4sm, Theonly One, Tidis, UndeadX


Download Links:

High Definition 1280x720p Windows Media Video (.wmv) XviD MP3


Streaming :

Ja, jag drog ihop en uppföljare till första filmen som kom 2008 och denna gång i en lite annorlunda riktning, MER VIKINGPOWER :D (Därav musiken, hell fucking yeah) Några namn känner ni säkert igen :)

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